I Inherit An Auction House At The Start, Trillion Times Rebate!

Chapter 26 - Royal Auction House

Chapter 26: Royal Auction House

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“What happened?!”

Wu Jin ran out in a hurry. He was panicking so much that he did not even notice his shoes were put on backward.

When he saw the bandit’s corpse on the ground, he immediately understood the situation. He quickly asked, “Who sent him?”

“The Miao family.”

“They’re really horrible!”

Wu Jin was filled with rage. He wished that he could kill the bandit again.

Lin Mo was not surprised that the Miao family would make the first move. Knowing that they had ill intentions, he became even more vigilant.

“Anyway, we just need to be careful from now on. Adapt and overcome whatever that is thrown at us.”

“Why do we have to endure this?”

Since the bandit was dead, Lin Mo did not have any evidence against the Miao family. Even if he did, the Miao family would not admit to anything. Moreover, they were a huge force and Lin Mo was just a newcomer. He could not deal with them yet.

Lin Mo patted Wu Jin on the shoulder and comforted him.

“You have to bear it or the big plan will be messed up. We have plenty of opportunities to get back at them in the future.”

After such an incident, Lin Mo and Wu Jin were no longer sleepy. Wu Jin got dressed up and went out for a stroll. He wanted to investigate the Miao family again.

However, he gained a different intel instead.

“Apparently, the royal family’s auction house will be holding an auction tonight.”

The time for the royal family’s auction was usually fixed. There were supposed to be a few more days before the next auction. Obviously, this was done so they would not lose out to Lin Mo. Hence, the auction was held at an earlier time.

Lin Mo had held several auctions, but he had never seen what other auctions looked like. It was a great opportunity for him.

“Let’s go and join in the fun.”

This was the first time Lin Mo would be participating in an auction. He was curious if he could get his hands on any good items.

Wu Jin suggested, “We could send some people over. Why would you bother to attend personally?”

Lin Mo shook his head.

“We have already offended the Miao family. If we offend the royal family, we will be attacked from both sides. It will be immensely disadvantageous for us.”

He did not want to start a feud. Moreover, Lin Mo did not feel reassured if he were to send someone else over. After all, if the person ran away with the money, he would not be able to do anything but cry. There was also the option to send Wu Jin over, but his strength was not enough. He would easily be targeted by others.

For various reasons, Lin Mo decided to make a personal trip. After deducting the cost, he still had a huge surplus of spirit stones. Even if they were not enough, he could use one or two items of his possession and regard them as collateral.

The royal family’s auction house was extremely resplendent and luxurious. Lin Mo’s auction house could not be compared to it. Of course, this was not surprising at all.

A few floors had private rooms. Naturally, only those with high statuses or those who came from powerful factions were able to enter. The stage was located at the very center. It was meticulously designed. No matter which position an individual sat in, they could clearly see everything that was happening on the stage.

Wu Jin’s face was filled with admiration. He whispered to Lin Mo, “Eventually, our auction house will be like this, or even better!”

Lin Mo was indifferent. With the system, he would achieve all of his goals. So, he was not particularly envious of the royal family’s auction house.

Wu Jin looked around and said in a puzzled expression, “Strange, I feel like there are not many people here. Even our previous auction had more people.”

When the people around him heard his words, they kindly explained, “That’s because everyone in this city is already used to the usual auctions. After all, the royal family and the Miao family’s auctions are the same things over and over again.”

Lin Mo’s previous auction had a lot of visitors because it was taken over by a new owner. Thus, everyone was curious and attracted to it.

A forty-year-old man walked up to the stage. From his attire, one could tell that he was the auctioneer.

“Everyone, welcome to the royal family’s auction house. This time, we have a total of 5 items to be auctioned. All of them are at least tier 4.”

As expected, the royal family was very formidable. They could easily obtain tier four items.

“The first item up for auction is a tier 4 top-grade medicinal pill, Profound Origin Pill. Starting price is 6,000 low-grade spirit stones.”

Once he heard the price, Wu Jin could not help but click his tongue.

“The starting price is so high.”

When Wu Jin auctioned off the tier five low-grade Cross Blade, the starting price was six thousand low-grade spirit stones. In comparison to the royal family’s auction house, they had the same starting price but for a tier four top-grade medicinal pill.

Lin Mo was already mentally prepared.

“This is a large-scale auction house. Naturally, the prices will be higher.”

It was clear that the audience did not have any objections to their pricing either. They all scrambled to place their bids.

“7,000 low-grade spirit stones!”

“8,000 low-grade spirit stones!”

“10,000 low-grade spirit stones!”

Upon hearing the bids, Wu Jin revealed an envious expression.

“When will our auction house be able to do the same?”

“The day will arrive sooner or later.”

Lin Mo only cared about the system’s return function. Spirit stones were secondary. Once his auction house’s popularity rose, the prices would also rise accordingly.

In the end, the medicinal pill was bought by someone for fifteen thousand low-grade spirit stones.

“The second item is a tier 4 top-grade defensive spiritual jade pendant. Starting price is 5,000 low-grade spirit stones.”

The demand for defensive spiritual artifacts was not high. If one was powerful, they would not need these external items. Thus, the price was lower in comparison to other items.

Even so, the final price was still a little over ten thousand.

Wu Jin could not help but exclaim, “There sure are crouching tigers and hidden dragons (TN: People with special hidden talents) in Qingyang City.”

There were a number of people who were quite wealthy. Otherwise, such an item would not be selling for over ten thousand spirit stones.

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