I Stayed At Home For A Century, When I Emerged I Was Invincible

Chapter 33 - Heavenly Secrets Origin Probing Technique  

Chapter 33: Heavenly Secrets Origin Probing Technique

Chu Xuan ordered Zhang Kui to constantly pay attention to the movements of the cult and provide the necessary information to the Chu family so that they could defeat the cult’s planned operation.

Chu Xuan did not care about the details or how it would be accomplished.

After all, if he could not even do such a simple thing well, Zhang Kui would be of no value as a lackey.

Evil cultivators with no value would naturally be discarded and eliminated.

Over the next few days, Chu Xuan noticed that a few elders of the Chu family had quietly left the ancestral grounds.

In addition, just now, Chu Tianming had left with a treasured artifact.

The cult was probably about to take action, and the Chu family had made the necessary preparations.

Chu Xuan did not care much about the outcome of this battle. Since the Chu family had obtained information about the operation in advance, if they were unable to hand the cultists a severe defeat, then they would really be too useless.

The Purple Moon Kingdom’s cult had already suffered great losses. It was believed that their sect leader had not recovered from his serious injuries and, thanks to Lou Yuan’s “sacrifice”, more than half of their elders had been killed.

The number of experts Yuan Chong had at his disposal was very limited.

Three days later, a great battle broke out.

However, for the cultists, this battle was unexpected.

Yuan Chong did not know or understand what had happened either. It could be said that he hated the Chu family to the bone, which was why he had not hesitated to use the cult’s treasured artifact for this operation.

The sect leader of the Qin Kingdom’s cult, Lu Wang, had actually brought a precious artifact with him as well.

The cult’s precious artifacts were all low-grade artifacts that had been provided by the evil imperial court.

The battle was extremely intense.

Even though the Chu family had long been prepared for it, the madness of the cultists still exceeded their expectations.

However, since they had learned of the cult’s movements in advance, the Chu family was naturally not the only ones who ambushed the cult.

The He family had also sent experts to assist them.

Under the encirclement of the two great families, even though Yuan Chong and Lu Wang had brought their treasured artifacts with them and were going all out, they were still unable to resist.

As the battle raged on, Zhang Kui only took part in the fighting for a short while before feigning injury and escaping.

In this battle, Yuan Chong died, Lu Wang suffered heavy injuries and escaped, while the other heretic cult experts were almost all annihilated.

After this battle, the strength of the Qin Kingdom’s cult fell drastically.

As for the Purple Moon Kingdom’s heretic cult, their vice sect leader Yuan Chong died in battle, and the elders that had accompanied him also died. In addition, the cult’s treasured artifact was destroyed.

Thanks to the destruction of the treasured artifact that hid the cultists’ auras, the heretic cult of the Purple Moon Kingdom was now on the verge of extinction.

“You did not leave the house, but successfully schemed against and thwarted the heretic cult’s operation. You’ve been rewarded with the Heavenly Secrets Origin probing technique.”

The reward from the system suddenly arrived.

Chu Xuan was pleasantly surprised. This also meant that the Chu family had won a great victory and that the heretic cult had suffered a crushing defeat.

“The Heavenly Secrets Origin probing technique can pry into Heaven’s secrets, exploring the source, understanding the origins, and revealing the details of one’s previous life…”

After reading the introduction to the Heavenly Secrets Origin probing technique, Chu Xuan was shocked. This secret technique was too powerful.

It could pry into the source and origin of living beings. It could even reveal details about their previous lives.

Of course, it would only reveal details of those who had extraordinary previous lives.

Ordinary people did not have the need to pry into the origin either.

If he mastered the Heavenly Secrets Origin probing technique, no one could hide their identity from Chu Xuan.

With just a glance, he would be able to know the source and origin of the person.

He could even see details of the person’s previous life.

After Chu Xuan received the Heavenly Secrets Origin probing technique, a mysterious feeling of comprehension surfaced within his mind. At this moment, he seemed to be connected to a certain Great Dao.

Once he opened his eyes again, Chu Xuan could not help but activate the Heavenly Secrets Origin probing technique and examined the Heavenly Spirit Cat.

Its information appeared in his mind.

“Heavenly Spirit Cat. A mystical beast of Heaven and Earth that possesses the might of a divine beast…”

Chu Xuan felt his consciousness shake and he felt dizzy just by looking at the information.

He hurriedly deactivated the probing technique.

The Heavenly Spirit Cat had an extraordinary background. It consumed too much spiritual will to explore its source fully. With his current truth realm strength, he could not sustain its activation at all.

He only received a short piece of information when he used the probing technique.

Chu Xuan took out a medicinal pill and consumed it to recover his spiritual will. He did not continue to probe the origins of the Heavenly Spirit Cat or the Sky-shaking Golden Roc. The system had introduced their origins previously anyway.

Moreover, the Heavenly Spirit Cat and the Sky-shaking Golden Roc were not ordinary creatures. Their levels were too high. Chu Xuan’s current strength was insufficient to fully delve into their origins.

The failure of the plot had caused the cult to suffer serious losses. Chu Xuan was very satisfied with the reward he had received from the system, which was the Heavenly Secrets Origin probing technique.

However, now that the cult had suffered a great setback, he was uncertain about whether the evil imperial court would send their experts over.

The one-year period of seclusion was almost up.

As such, Chu Xuan was not too worried. Given the overall levels of strength of the Qin Kingdom, it was impossible for the evil imperial court to send truth realm experts over.

In addition, within this short period of time, it was likely that the cult would not be able to stir up any trouble.

The Purple Moon Kingdom’s cult had almost been completely crippled, and the Qin Kingdom’s cult had also been greatly weakened. Great Zhou Kingdom’s cult would not possibly come all the way here to die, right?

The Chu family had secured a great victory. Within this short period of time, the cult could no longer stir up trouble in the Qin Kingdom.

Chu Xuan’s days still passed calmly and peacefully.

Out of curiosity, he used the Heavenly Secrets Origin probing technique to examine the origins of a servant that delivered his daily food.

His origins were very simple. The servant was the son of an ordinary family in a small village in Chu County. He had lost his family ten years ago in the chaos wrought by the evil cultivators.

In order to take revenge, he came to the Chu family and chose to become a servant of the Chu family.

After all, not everyone had the fate of a protagonist in a novel. After he became a servant, he did not rise up, nor did he display divine might and destroy the cult.

He could only remain as a small servant and pass his days in peace.

Chu Xuan sighed. This was representative of the lives of most ordinary people, who suffered at the bottom rungs of this fantasy world. How could there be so many protagonists who could turn the tables after starting off as a servant.

This servant was already considered lucky to have been able to successfully become a servant of the Chu family. He did not have to worry about food and clothing, and he would also receive a certain amount of resources for his cultivation.

However, one’s innate talent ultimately limited one’s growth.

It was unknown as to whether he would ever successfully break through to the profound realm.

The servants in the Chu family all possessed a certain amount of talent. However, those who could break through to the profound realm were still few and far between.

Other than cultivation resources, innate talent was also a major factor.

Those who truly had outstanding talent would not become servants.

Half a month before the one-year deadline, a person whom Chu Xuan did not want to see returned.

Chu Yuan!

The third eldest of Chu Xuan’s generation.

He was a guy who worshiped his father, Chu Qiuluo.

As early as two years ago, Chu Yuan had left the family’s territory to train himself. It was even said that he had already left the Qin Kingdom.

The moment Chu Yuan returned, he went over to Chu Xuan’s courtyard.

With a look of disappointment, he said, “Thirteenth, look at what you’ve become. Are you worthy of being third uncle’s son?”

The corners of Chu Xuan’s mouth twitched. The main reason why his relationship with Chu Yuan was so poor was that Chu Yuan liked to nag and lecture him. He would often look at Chu Xuan with an expression of disappointment.

“Can’t you be a little more proactive?” Chu Yuan asked bitterly.

“Third uncle and third aunt are missing. Don’t you want to become stronger and search for third uncle and third aunt?”

“You… you’re too disappointing!”

Chu Xuan turned his back to him.

Chu Yuan was so angry that his hands were shaking.

The person he admired the most was his third uncle, Chu Qiuluo. Moreover, he had studied under Chu Qiuluo when he was very young.

It could be said that Chu Qiuluo had taught him what he knew.

Seeing Chu Xuan like this, he was really about to go crazy from anger.

“Get up!”

Chu Yuan raised his hand and grabbed him.

Chu Xuan could not be bothered with him. He did not move at all and said, “Third brother, are you trying to kill me so that you can inherit my father’s inheritance?”

Chu Yuan’s hand paused, and there was an extremely embarrassed look on his face.

“You… you actually see me as this kind of person in your heart?”

“That’s not it. I just don’t want you to disturb me.”

Chu Xuan turned around to look at him and said, “Third brother, everyone’s lifestyle is different. This is the lifestyle I’ve chosen. I think it’s very good and it’s enough for me.”

“Besides, even when my father was around, he did not care that I lived like this.”

“You… you, sigh!”

Chu Yuan pointed at him with trembling fingers and sighed in the end.

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