I Stayed At Home For A Century, When I Emerged I Was Invincible

Chapter 34 - Someone From The Qin Royal Family  

Chapter 34: Someone From The Qin Royal Family

Chu Yuan sat down beside him, took out a pot of wine, and silently drank a few mouthfuls.

Chu Xuan glanced at him. With one look, it was obvious that this fellow had something on his mind.

However, he did not ask or probe.

Among his peers, Chu Yuan’s innate talent was the greatest.

Although Chu Tianming had high hopes for Chu Qing, in terms of cultivation, he was far inferior to Chu Yuan; even Chu Yun was a little inferior.

However, Chu Yun seemed to be talented in pill refinement, and would be able to make up for the difference in that way.

Chu Yuan could be said to be the strongest among his peers.

His cultivation was at the first level of the spirit realm!

Moreover, Chu Xuan realized that the method he was cultivating with was not the Chu family’s cultivation method.

He also did not know whether Chu Yuan obtained a fortuitous encounter outside, or whether the cultivation method had been passed down to Chu Yuan by his father?

Chu Yuan silently drank a few more mouthfuls of wine and sighed. “Thirteenth, you want to live a peaceful life without fighting and strife. Perhaps that’s the right choice after all.”

Chu Xuan listened silently and thought to himself, ‘Old Third looks like he’s about to say his final words. Could something have happened?’

Although his relationship with Chu Yuan, before he recovered the memories of his previous life was ordinary, Chu Yuan really cared about him.

If Chu Xuan could help him out, he would not mind doing so.

“In a few days, I’ll be leaving the territory again. I don’t know when I’ll be back. I don’t even know if I’ll be back at all.”

Chu Yuan spoke softly.

“I’ll keep an eye out for third uncle and third aunt. If there’s any news, I’ll get someone to inform you.”

“Although the brothers and sisters of the Chu family don’t fight much, in order for you to live a stable life, you’d better cultivate this cultivation technique properly and hand it over to grandfather as well. Your status in the Chu family will be much better then.”

As Chu Yuan spoke, he took out a small booklet.

A part of the booklet seemed to be missing. The yellowed booklet was made from a unique animal hide that could be preserved for a very long time.

This unique animal hide was usually used as a material to record cultivation techniques and the like.

Apart from being able to be preserved for a long time, it could also store spiritual will. The words on it were all engraved with spiritual will and contained spiritual meaning.

Chu Yuan placed the booklet into Chu Xuan’s hands, after which he took out a bottle of pills and handed it over as well.

He stood up and said, “Break through to the profound realm as soon as possible.”

Looking at Chu Yuan’s slightly desolate back, Chu Xuan shook his head. He did not know what was on his mind.

Could it be that he had fallen out of love?

It was very likely!

He picked up the booklet and flipped it open to take a look. It was actually an emperor-level scripture!

However, it was not complete. It could only be considered half of an emperor-level scripture.

Even so, it was still extraordinary.

One had to know that the Chu family had similarly relied on their partial emperor-level scripture to establish themselves in the Qin Kingdom for thousands of years.

Cultivating this partial emperor-level scripture would not allow one to break through to the emperor realm. However, breaking through to the truth realm would not be a problem.

According to the records in the book, the reason why there was no emperor-level character in the Southern Region was because, after the great war that swept through the Southern Region, the earth veins collapsed and the rules were thrown into chaos. Therefore, cultivators here could not comprehend the emperor realm.

Other than that, it was also related to the lack of an emperor realm inheritance.

Chu Xuan shook his head. He did not care for this partial emperor-level scripture at all.

The medicinal pills were only ordinary. Chu Xuan naturally would not care for medicinal pills needed to break through to the profound realm. After all, they were too inferior to the Great Profound pill.

Chu Yuan had given this cultivation technique to him so that he could use it to gain Chu Tianming’s attention. This would increase Chu Xuan’s status in the Chu family and allow him to continue living a peaceful and carefree life.

That was very thoughtful of him.

He did not know what was on Chu Yuan’s mind, but it seemed like he wanted to distance himself from Chu Xuan. Could it be that he had offended a powerful enemy and wanted to avoid implicating others?

Since he did not know or understand the situation, Chu Xuan did not pay too much attention to it. At most, he would ask Zhang Kui to pay attention to the matter and, if necessary, lend a helping hand.


In the end, on the second day after Chu Yuan returned, Chu Tianming’s furious roar could be heard from the ancestral residence.

It could even be heard all the way from the small courtyard.

Chu Xuan was speechless. It seemed that the old man was so angry that he was about to explode.

His first thought was that this matter was related to Chu Yuan.

For something to anger Chu Tianming to this extent, it seemed that it was not a small matter.

Chu Xuan instructed the Heavenly Spirit Cat to sneak into the ancestral mansion and find out exactly what was going on.

Even from such a distance, Chu Xuan could sense Chu Tianming’s vigorous aura.

Could it be that he wanted to kill Chu Yuan?

That old man would not be that ruthless, right?

Chu Tianming had almost gone crazy from anger!

Chu Yuan wanted to break off his marriage engagement!

His fiancée was the princess of the Qin Kingdom, Qin Keyun.

The victim of the broken marriage engagement was the Qin royal family once again!

Although the Qin Kingdom was ruled by four families, the Qin family was the royal family of the Qin Kingdom after all, and was considered the strongest among the four.

If they broke off the marriage engagement again, this would be akin to pressing the Qin royal family’s face into the ground and rubbing it in the dirt.

What made Chu Tianming so angry, to the point that he wanted to vomit blood, was that Qin Keyun’s mother was the one Chu Qiuluo had broken off his marriage arrangement with.

After she had kicked up a fuss in the Chu family, she did not marry within the four families. Instead, she chose a husband from outside.

If Chu Yuan broke off the marriage engagement as well, how could the other party just let it go?

Perhaps there would be a rift between the Chu and Qin families because of this.

“I don’t care who it is that you’ve fallen in love with. You absolutely cannot break off the marriage engagement. In fact, I’ll arrange for you to marry her right away!”

Chu Tianming roared.

Chu Yuan’s father, Chu Qiufeng, was drenched in cold sweat. He lowered his head and did not dare to look at his father.

He regretted letting his third brother teach his son.

What did he learn?

He actually learned how to break off marriage engagements!

Had he not been getting along just fine with Qin Keyun? They seemed to have a good relationship. Why did he suddenly decide to ruin the marriage engagement?

Chu Tianming was so angry to the point that he was about to explode.

If the Qin family found out about this, would they not be furious as well?

His third son had broken off the marriage engagement previously and, now, his third grandson also wanted to break off his own marriage engagement.

In addition, the one who would have her marriage ruined would be the daughter of the previous victim!

This was simply too much!

Chu Yuan’s expression was calm as he said, “I’ve already informed the Qin family. I’ve already spoken with Keyun frankly. In my eyes, she’s just like my little sister!”


Chu Tianming clutched his chest. He felt his blood churning and he was on the verge of vomiting blood.

“You, you…”

Trembling, he pointed at Chu Yuan and was unable to speak for a long time.

Had he not been a peak void realm expert who was on the verge of breaking through to the unity realm, his fury would probably have ruptured his blood vessels.

“Grandfather, father, uncle, I’ve come to bid farewell to everyone today. I’m leaving the Chu family.”

Chu Yuan’s expression was still calm.

He knew that he had to face Chu Tianming’s anger.

However, he still had to come back and inform him.

Chu Qiufeng’s expression was complicated. His son had been gifted and intelligent since young, and the child worshiped his third brother.

In the end, he even learned how to f*cking ruin his own marriage engagement.

Chu Qiuchang, the eldest brother among them, also had a complicated expression on his face.

The Chu brothers rarely fought, and their relationship was harmonious.

However, since the incident with his third brother, Chu Qiulou, the atmosphere in the Chu family seemed to have changed somewhat.

Now, the second person who ruined the marriage engagement had appeared.

“You are not allowed to go anywhere. I will immediately inform the Qin family to continue with the marriage!”

Chu Tianming’s roar seemed to resound throughout the Chu family’s ancestral grounds.

After all, he was a half-step unity realm expert, so it would not be a problem for his voice to project further than ten miles.

As soon as he finished speaking, the head butler hurriedly walked in with a complicated expression on his face. He said, “Master, the Qin family has sent someone over.”

Chu Tianming’s expression changed. “Who is it?”

“It’s Qin Pingxia and her daughter.”


Chu Tianming’s face alternated between green and white. Qin Pingxia was the one who had almost become his daughter-in-law, and she had brought her daughter here to demand an explanation!

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