I Stayed At Home For A Century, When I Emerged I Was Invincible

Chapter 49 - Parent-Child Communication Talisman  

Chapter 49: Parent-Child Communication Talisman

“Give him the topographic map and information on our defensive locations. Don’t worry too much about his movements.”

Chu Xuan thought for a moment and passed a topographic map of the Chu family’s territory to Wan Chang.

As long as Hu Quan decided to act, the man would have to pass by his small courtyard.

In fact, he was also very curious as to what Hu Quan, the sect leader of the Purple Moon Kingdom’s heretic cult, wanted to do.

Chu Xuan was already an Emperor realm powerhouse, so he was naturally not worried about any accidents happening.

“Yes, my lord.”

“Alright, you can go back now.”

Chu Xuan waved his hand and sent Wan Chang away.


Wan Chang left respectfully.

“You didn’t leave seclusion, but managed to secretly take control of Chu County’s Black Moon Tower. You’ve been rewarded with the parent-child communication talisman refinement method.”

A new system notification arrived.

Parent-child communication talisman?

Chu Xuan examined the description of the parent-child communication talisman.

“The parent-child communication talisman is centered around the parent talisman. The child talismans can communicate with each other…”

This was a type of talisman used for communication. The parent talisman was the main control talisman. It could receive information from all the child talismans and control each of the child talismans.

The child talismans could also communicate with each other.

A single parent talisman could control at least a hundred child talismans. The level of the parent talisman dictated the number of child talismans it could control as well as the communication range it was capable of.

The lowest level parent-child communication talismans could communicate with each other within a range of 30,000 li. The higher level parent-child communication talismans could communicate with each other within a range of a million li without any obstruction.

Chu Xuan was very satisfied with this reward. It just so happened that refining it would allow him to send and receive information to and from the Black Moon Tower.

The parent talisman was in his hands, so he could control the child talisman the entire time.

By setting up a secret signal, even if the child talisman was obtained by someone else, he would be able to find out immediately.

Moreover, Chu Xuan believed that he could set a password for the child talisman.

If someone obtained the child talisman, they would be unable to use it without the corresponding password.

The parent talisman could even locate the child talismans.

Based on Chu Xuan’s current understanding of the situation, the Southern Region did not have a communication spirit tool that was similar to a communication talisman.

Even though the Black Moon Tower was famous for their intelligence gathering capabilities, they still used a special type of demonic bird to transmit information.

More commonly, they used a type of color-changing pearl to send orders, using different colors to represent different orders.

This was also a common communication item used by the various large factions.

These orders and their corresponding colors had all been predetermined beforehand. For example, black represented danger, return or escape, while the yellow represented concealment. Red represented an order to take action or attack.

These were all decided beforehand. Once the pearl flashed a certain color and broke, the holder would know what to do.

Currently, there was no spirit tool that could transmit information.

The appearance of the parent-child communication talisman would definitely shake up the intelligence gathering world. Any information could be relayed without delay.

No matter how fast the demonic birds nurtured by the Black Moon Tower were, there would still be a delay in transmitting and receiving information.

Moreover, if there were any accidents along the way, the delay would be even longer, or even worse, the information might not reach its intended recipient at all.

Chu Xuan also thought of a different way to obtain intelligence. He would control the parent talisman and sell off the child talismans. Those who used the child talismans to communicate would naturally be playing right into his hands.

This was especially true if he sold it to some large factions. These buyers were unaware of the existence of the parent talisman, and the child talismans could be configured to leave a mark on each other so that they could communicate. In this way, the intelligence of the whole faction would be at his fingertips.

Chu Xuan decided to refine a set and try it out.

There might be more functions that could be discovered in the process of using it.

Furthermore, the parent-child communication talisman could also be upgraded to expand its functions.

Not long after Wan Chang left, he was summoned back by Chu Xuan.

Chu Xuan handed the list of materials needed to refine the parent-child communication talisman to Wan Chang for him to prepare and sent him away.

It was not difficult for Chu Xuan to refine the parent-child communication talisman, but it would be a bit troublesome to refine it in large quantities.

Therefore, Chu Xuan wanted to take in a disciple with superior talent to help him refine the communication talismans.

Chu Xuan had a big plan in mind for these talismans. Once it was successfully implemented, it would be equivalent to building a giant communication network, which he alone would control through the parent talisman.

In this way, without ever leaving seclusion, he would be able to know what was going on in the outside world, and even the secrets of the various sects and factions.

However, to do so, he had to keep the parent talisman a secret.

Otherwise, how could those sects and factions be willing to use it?

Chu Xuan looked at the lucky mystic realm again. It had been such a long time. Why had it not attracted a single person with great luck?

He was really short on manpower!

Those with average talent were not worth nurturing, so he did not bother to waste his resources on them.

As for the Chu family, forget it. He still wanted to keep a low profile and could not be bothered to groom any talents from the Chu family.

The materials needed to refine the parent-child communication talisman were sent over very quickly. The one in charge of sending the materials over was Shao Hu.

As the Tower Lord, Wan Chang naturally could not leave as he wished. Chu Xuan would not allow him to come personally unless it was an important matter.

Shao Hu was currently in charge of running errands for Chu Xuan.

Chu Xuan spent more than two hours refining one parent talisman and one hundred child talismans.

He handed a few child talismans to Shao Hu and asked him to bring them back to Wan Chang. He also explained how to use them.

Shao Hu’s face was filled with shock.

As an intelligence officer, he naturally understood how the appearance of these talismans would affect the cultivation world in the Southern Region.

Chu Xuan knew that once the existence of the child talismans were discovered by the higher-ups of the Black Moon Tower, they would attract the attention of countless eyes. Thus, he temporarily did not plan to distribute them widely.

For the time being, he would only give it to Wan Chang and a few others so that they could send him information in a timely manner.

He would only publicize the existence of the talismans when he was strong enough.

The waters in the Black Moon Tower still ran quite deep. Chu Xuan felt that his Emperor realm strength was still insufficient.

He was worried that he would fish out the big fish too soon.

Shao Hu took the communication talismans and left.

Over the next few days, Chu Xuan used the Myriad Heavenly Mirror to randomly connect to other places while occasionally chatting with Du Yuan.

He was able to deceive this Supreme realm expert, who was also an itinerant cultivator.

Chu Xuan enjoyed the feeling of masquerading as a senior expert very much.

He would occasionally explain one or two small secret techniques to Du Yuan, which made the latter admire him endlessly. Du Yuan increasingly regarded Chu Xuan as an unfathomable character.

Although Chu Xuan’s cultivation was inferior to Du Yuan’s, the secret techniques he grasped had all come from the system and, thanks to the system, he had already completely comprehended them.

The only area in which he was lacking was in his cultivation base.

In terms of the comprehension of secret techniques, Du Yuan was far inferior to him.

As the two of them chatted, Du Yuan would occasionally ask Chu Xuan for advice on the problems he encountered.

“Senior, I’ve recently encountered a problem. I’ve been hesitating about it, so I’d like to ask Senior for some advice.”

“What is it?”

Chu Xuan’s current persona was that of someone who had been in seclusion for a long time. After exiting seclusion, he had stumbled across Du Yuan, which he attributed to fate. Since he had found someone to chat with, he gave him some advice like a senior would to a junior.

“There is a great clan in the Western Region. Among the younger generation, there is a former genius. However, three years ago, he was suddenly partially-crippled and his cultivation base stagnated. Not long ago, he had his marriage engagement annulled…”

Chu Xuan’s expression turned strange when he heard this. Why did this former genius of the great clan seem to possess the template of a protagonist?

He had once been a chosen one, but now he had been crippled and his marriage engagement had been annulled. Was he also being bullied?

The rest of the story was rather straightforward. In order to treat his injuries, the father of that genius went out to search for medicine and went missing. The genius was then thoroughly humiliated by others in the clan.

Finally, three days ago, the genius suddenly exploded with rage.

He pushed a certain Heaven’s blessed who had humiliated him to the ground and even stole a batch of resources from the clan while arrogantly shouting that he would leave the clan.

Currently, that clan had issued a death warrant for him. Anyone who killed the genius or captured him would be richly rewarded.

Some people in Du Yuan’s family were tempted and found traces of that genius. However, that genius was from a powerful clan after all, and the impact of this matter was too great. They were afraid that they would not be able to take him down, so they came to ask Du Yuan for help.

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