I Stayed At Home For A Century, When I Emerged I Was Invincible

Chapter 50 - The Waters In The Southern Region Run Deep   

Chapter 50: The Waters In The Southern Region Run Deep


Du Yuan was an itinerant cultivator. For him to survive up till now and reach the Supreme realm, other than talent and luck, the most important factor was caution!

The father of that genius was not a simple figure, and was a peak-stage Supreme realm expert.

It was said that there was even a chance for him to break through to the Heaven realm.

What if the other party had not died and returned to discover that his son had been killed? There was no way that he would let this matter rest!

Anyone who participated in this matter would be buried along with his son.

The small family that Du Yuan was in would have no way of withstanding the other party’s fury.

Even though the great clan had spread the news that the genius’ father had already fallen, and the father’s life tablet had already shattered, Du Yuan was very clear that if one entered a certain secret realm and obtained a unique opportunity, or if there were some other special circumstances, the life tablet would shatter, but one might not necessarily die.

When he was at the Emperor realm, he had encountered such a situation. His enemy believed him to be dead, which was what gave him the time and opportunity to advance to the Supreme realm and kill his enemy.

It was precisely because of this experience that Du Yuan hesitated on whether he should participate or not out of caution.

The reward offered by that great clan was too generous, which tempted many forces.

If his small family obtained this amount of resources, their overall strength would increase by 30% . He would also have the chance to break through another small realm within the next ten years.

Chu Xuan felt that this genius was not simple and that his rise to prominence was inevitable.

Perhaps he might even have an old grandfather or senior expert by his side.

He had fallen from grace and suffered the humiliation from various parties. However, if he had chosen to act now, there was a high likelihood that he had recovered his ability and increased his strength.

It was likely that his enemies in that great clan had become fearful of his potential and revenge, which was why they were sparing no expense to kill him.

The genius had the aura of a protagonist, which meant that it would be extremely difficult to kill him.

If Du Yuan participated in the hunt, there was a high possibility that the genius would eventually rise up and kill him, destroying his small family.

“Don’t participate in this matter, or you will encounter a disaster,” Chu Xuan said mysteriously.

Du Yuan immediately sucked in a breath and asked, “Senior, will there really be a disaster if we participate?”

“From a genius to a loser, and then from a loser to a genius. There must be a secret behind it all. It has to be known that every peerless expert killed countless geniuses, treating them as stepping stones for their ascension.”

“Just wait and see. Those who participate in this matter will suffer the consequences. The more famous geniuses there are that participate, the more likely they will die or be crippled in the end.”

Du Yuan took a deep breath and said, “I’ll listen to Senior’s advice. I’ll stop them from participating.”

Chu Xuan was not surprised that Du Yuan would listen to his suggestion. Du Yuan had always been cautious and preferred not to participate anyway.

A few days later, Du Yuan appeared to be even more respectful of Chu Xuan. He was glad that he had stopped his small family from participating in the encirclement of that genius.

Just as Chu Xuan had expected, that genius had swept through all his enemies. Almost all of the geniuses in Du Yuan’s city had fallen.

After that genius had killed everyone, he had fled without a trace. He also announced that he would take revenge on all the powers that had participated.

There was a revered elder from a certain family who had personally acted to resolve this hidden danger. In the end, that genius had been saved by a mysterious expert.

Chu Xuan had become interested in that genius. He was now thinking about whether or not he should set up another lucky mystic realm in the Northern Zone…

Perhaps that genius would stumble upon his lucky mystic realm?

He had a premonition that that genius would soon become famous in the Northern Zone and rise up quickly, stepping on many Heaven’s blessed along the way.

Half a month soon passed.

Chu Xuan’s life passed peacefully. He cultivated, studied the information sent to him by the Black Moon Tower, and randomly connected to various places with the Myriad Heavenly Mirror. Occasionally, he would chat with Du Yuan.

After the sect leader of the Purple Moon Kingdom’s heretic cult, Hu Quan, obtained the topographic map of the Chu family’s territory, he had not made any movements. Chu Xuan was a little curious. Was the other party planning some big conspiracy?

However, his curiosity did not extend to caution. Any conspiracy, in the face of absolute strength, would be useless and fragile.

It had been a few days since he last contacted Du Yuan to chat.

Chu Xuan took out the Myriad Heavenly Mirror, infused his spiritual power into it, and connected it to Du Yuan’s mark.

The image projection soon connected.

He discovered Du Yuan sitting high at the head of a large hall.

The small family that he was the guardian of was holding a meeting.

Chu Xuan did not disturb him and simply observed quietly.

The main point of this meeting was to discuss the family’s decision to send two talented juniors to participate in the disciple selection of a large sect in the Northern Zone.

Although the small family had the protection of Du Yuan, a Supreme realm expert, their overall strength was not very strong. After all, they could not rely on Du Yuan for everything.

In order to increase the family’s strength and influence, they planned to curry favor with that large sect.

After the meeting ended, Du Yuan returned to his residence as usual.

Chu Xuan then revealed the image projection of the Myriad Heavenly mirror and chatted with Du Yuan.

“Senior, I plan to make a long trip in the near future to prepare for the opening of the Asura Ancient Land.”

“Asura Ancient Land?”

Chu Xuan was stunned. Was Du Yuan going to participate in the fight for opportunities in a mystic realm?

A mystic realm that even he, a Supreme realm expert, was interested in was definitely not simple.

Moreover, even the name of the mystic realm itself spoke volumes about it.

It was definitely some sort of ancient battlefield or something similar to that.

“Yes, the Southern Region’s Asura Ancient Land will definitely open within a few decades.”

Du Yuan’s expression was solemn as he continued, “The Southern Region was the site of a great war during the ancient times. The ley lines there collapsed, which damaged the laws of Heaven and Earth in the Southern Region. Currently, the laws are recovering. Once the laws are restored, the Asura Ancient Land will appear.”

“This junior plans to go to the Southern Region in advance to make some arrangements. It will also provide us with an advantage for when the Asura Ancient Land opens.”

He then sighed and said, “This junior is just an itinerant cultivator. In the end, I can’t be compared to those experts from the big forces. If I don’t make some arrangements in advance, I’m afraid that I won’t even have the qualifications to participate. Since the Southern Region is currently devoid of any major powers, this junior will go to the Southern Region to hide and prepare.”

Hearing this, Chu Xuan immediately became nervous.

I just became the strongest powerhouse in the Southern Region, and now a Supreme realm powerhouse is coming?

Apart from Du Yuan, did the experts from other provinces also have the same idea?

That so-called Asura Ancient Land caused the Southern Region’s ley lines to collapse. That big battle had probably turned the entire battlefield into a mystic realm.

Once it was opened, it would naturally be extraordinary. Countless big forces all wanted a piece of the pie.

Was the Southern Region going to be thrown into turmoil and chaos?

Chu Xuan immediately felt pressured. No, he had to increase his strength as soon as possible.

He indirectly asked Du Yuan for information regarding the Asura Ancient Land. At the same time, he also wanted to find out if there were any other experts who would come to the Southern Region.

What made him slightly relieved was that not all itinerant cultivators knew about the Asura Ancient Land. Du Yuan had found out about it through a fortuitous encounter he had obtained.

The other great forces with long-standing inheritances would not send experts to the Southern Region because the time was not right. They would only take action after they had discussed the quota among themselves.

Before they took action, they would join hands to block the entrance to the Southern Region, preventing the other forces and experts from entering.

They would try their best to stop cultivators like Du Yuan, who were either itinerant or from smaller clans, from coming to the Southern Region.

Chu Xuan quickly thought of something and said, “Wait a moment. I’ll take a look at the situation in the Southern Region for you.”

After putting on an act, his eyes glowed with a golden light and shone in a certain direction. Du Yuan was shocked by the strength of this senior.

After a long while, Chu Xuan said, “Little Du, listen to Senior’s advice. The waters in the Southern Region run deep. You can’t fully grasp the dangers there!”

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