I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 608 - Chapter 608: Who’s the Current and Who’s the Ex?

Chapter 608: Who’s the Current and Who’s the Ex?

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“How do you know he’s not free if you don’t call and ask?” Fu Sinian asked again.

“It’s late. Maybe he has eaten.”

“Are you afraid that your ex will be embarrassed to see your current one?”

“What current? What ex? Who’s the ex and who’s the current?” Shi Qian asked repeatedly.

“Am I still an ex?”

“You’re not my current boyfriend, and Song Yan is not my ex!” Shi Qian replied angrily.

Fu Sinian’s heart sank. “I’m not the current one?”

Faced with his gaze, Shi Qian couldn’t help but swallow. The words that came to her mouth were swallowed back.

She said nothing more, and Fu Sinian calmed down.

“Ask Song Yan out for a meal. I’ll settle it with your mother tomorrow.”

“Fu Sinian, do these two things have anything to do with each other? Let’s not involve Song Yan in our matter, okay?” Shi Qian couldn’t understand why Fu Sinian was doing this.

“Okay, then you can take care of it yourself tomorrow.”

Shi Qian choked.

“Is it just a meal?” She confirmed it with Fu Sinian.

“It’s just a meal.” Fu Sinian nodded.

“Okay, 1’11 call.” Shi Qian took out her phone and dialed Song Yan’s number.

At this moment, Song Yan was with Su Ruoqing. When he saw the caller ID, a trace of joy flashed across his eyes. He quickly answered the call.

“Qian Qian, why are you calling me?”

“I… um, have you eaten?” Shi Qian asked awkwardly.

“Not yet.” Song Yan and Su Ruoqing had just sat down and had yet to order.

Shi Qian called him and asked if he had eaten. Did she want to have a meal with him?

That was why Song Yan said that he hadn’t eaten yet and was waiting for Shi Qian’s reaction.

“It’s like this. Sinian and I want to buy you a meal. 1 wonder if you’re free?” Shi Qian asked softly.

Song Yan’s smile froze, and all his anticipation dimmed when he heard Fu Sinian’s name.

Su Ruoqing, who was sitting opposite Song Yan, kept listening to the commotion on the phone. She heard Fu Sinian’s name.

She suddenly said, “Song Yan, is it Shi Qian? Is she asking you out for a meal?

Why don’t you ask her to come too? I want to ask her out for a meal too. I haven’t had a chance to sit down and talk to her.”

Shi Qian also heard Su Ruoqing’s voice on the phone.

She glanced at Fu Sinian. Before Song Yan could speak, she asked, “Where are you? Send me a location.”

Song Yan was stunned for a moment. “Qian Qian, are you coming over? With Fu Sinian?”

“Yes, we’ll go over together.”

“Then 1’11 send you the location.”

After hanging up, Shi Qian received Song Yan’s location. She told Chen Song the address and turned to look at Fu Sinian.

“Song Yan is free, but he’s with Su Ruoqing. I thought that you were familiar with Su Ruoqing, so 1 agreed.” Shi Qian was still holding her breath when she said this.

She heard that Su Ruoqing was also there and deliberately brought Fu Sinian over.

Fu Sinian’s chest was also stuffy. So what if Su Ruoqing was around?

He replied calmly, “Since you’ve agreed, let’s go over now.”

Chen Song was still hesitating, but now he could only drive over according to the address.

Wasn’t the scene of the four of them eating together comparable to a crematorium?

Song Yan put down the phone and Su Ruoqing immediately asked him, “Is Shi Qian coming over?”

“She said will come over with Fu Sinian.”

“Then let’s order first. See what Shi Qian likes to eat.” Su Ruoqing handed the menu to Song Yan.

Song Yan didn’t think too much about it and looked at the menu seriously. “She likes sweet stuff..”

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