I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 609 - Chapter 609: Did You Date Fu Sinian?

Chapter 609: Did You Date Fu Sinian?

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“The desserts here are not bad. I’ve tried them before. Order two more to taste.” Su Ruoqing pretended to choose a few.

“These options are all sweet but not greasy, especially this mousse cake. It melts in your mouth.”

“I think Qian Qian likes this kind too.” Song Yan ordered two things.

“Sinian hates sweets the most. He’s so picky about food that he has to rely on some medicine to maintain the nutrition his body needs,” Su Ruoqing said casually.

Song Yan’s gaze moved from the menu to Su Ruoqing’s face.

Su Ruoqing was a little embarrassed. She moved back and took a sip of water from the glass on the table.

“President Su, can you tell me what your relationship with Fu Sinian was before? 1 feel that you don’t just admire him, but he has a crush on you!” Song Yan put down the menu and looked at Su Ruoqing seriously.

He kept feeling that Su Ruoqing was hiding something from him.

Moreover, these things were related to Shi Qian and Fu Sinian.

“If it weren’t for that accident, Sinian wouldn’t have been in such a state after being unconscious for so long.” Su Ruoqing sighed as if she had a lot on her mind that she could not say.

Her expression made Song Yan even more certain that his guess was not groundless.

When Fu Sinian woke up and returned to the capital, Su Ruoqing accompanied him for the first time in the public eye.

Moreover, Su Ruoqing had many private photos of Fu Sinian on her phone. There were even photos of the two of them. Only intimate lovers would take those photos.

This made him suspect that Su Ruoqing and Fu Sinian had actually been dating for a while.

Fu Sinian didn’t know Shi Qian at all before he fainted.

Not long after Shi Qian married Fu Sinian, he woke up.

How could Fu Sinian abandon Su Ruoqing, whom he had known for so many years, and be with Shi Qian? The reason Fu Sinian was with Shi Qian made him feel that he had a motive.

“President Su, you told me not to give up on Qian Qian. Are you hiding something from me?”

“Song Yan, I…” Su Ruoqing looked like she wanted to say something but hesitated. “Don’t force me. There are some things I really can’t tell you now.”

By saying that, she was indirectly admitting it.

“Then tell me, is Fu Sinian with Qian Qian for a purpose?”

“Song Yan, stop asking.”

Song Yan grabbed Su Ruoqing’s arm. “I won’t allow anyone to hurt Qian Qian!” “Calm down. Shi Qian won’t be hurt. I promise! Song Yan, don’t be agitated. I know your feelings for Shi Qian and I understand your feelings. Answer me a question.”

“What problem?”

“You’re researching a project on nerve cells in the human brain now. Did Bai

Jianshen look for you to work with you?”

Song Yan was surprised.

Only he and Bai Jianshen knew about this. Besides, he had not promised Bai Jianshen. How did Su Ruoqing know?

“Actually, Bai Jianshen represents Fu Sinian. The person who really wants to work with you is Fu Sinian,” Su Ruoqing said again.

Song Yan knew about Bai Jianshen’s relationship with Fu Sinian. He had long guessed that Fu Sinian wanted to work with him and was just asking Bai Jianshen to help.

“Did Fu Sinian tell you this?”

“Don’t worry about how 1 found out. Don’t agree to this cooperation. I’m not trying to scare you. As long as you agree to work with them, you’ll definitely lose Shi Qian.” Su Ruoqing sounded very certain..

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