Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself

Chapter 1449 - 1449 The Lost Recipes

1449 The Lost Recipes

In her dream, Qiao Xi was extremely anxious. She flipped through the room until it was very messy. She searched every corner, but she still could not find the recipes.

Later on, she went downstairs to the living room and saw Kang Qingzhi holding a few sheets of paper in her hand. She smiled and walked in front of Kang Jichuan. “Brother, these are the perfume recipes I came up with. Take a look!”

At that time, Qiao Xi was still very surprised. When did Kang Qingzhi suddenly like making perfumes? She suddenly recalled the recipes she had lost and went over to take a look. She was instantly infuriated.

They were clearly the perfume recipes she lost!

Qiao Xi felt that Kang Jichuan was her biological brother and would definitely believe her, so she immediately looked at Kang Qingzhi with a burning gaze and questioned, “When did these perfume recipes become yours?”

Kang Qingzhi met her eyes, and her eyes instantly turned red. She lowered her hands and took a few steps back in fear.

Kang Jichuan immediately frowned. “Qingzhi, what’s wrong?”

Kang Qingzhi pursed her lips aggrievedly. “Brother, I know that I’m an adopted daughter. I’m already very grateful that you and Dad took me in. Now that Sister Xi Xi is back, I shouldn’t stop your family from reuniting. Why don’t I leave the Kang family?”

Kang Jichuan was instantly infuriated when he heard this. He immediately turned to look at Qiao Xi and berated angrily, “Xi Xi, I told you a long time ago that Qingzhi has lived in the Kang family for more than ten years. She’s also the daughter of the Kang family. Even if you’re back now, her life shouldn’t change in the slightest. Why do you always bully her? She’s always been obedient and sensible. She doesn’t fight for anything. How is she stopping you in any way?”

Qiao Xi was instantly stunned with a shocked expression. “When did I bully her?”

“Then why are you always making things difficult for Qingzhi? Is it because she’s an adopted daughter?” Kang Jichuan glanced at her coldly and turned around to comfort Kang Qingzhi softly. “Qingzhi, you grew up in the Kang family. You’ll always be the daughter of the Kang family. You’re my father’s daughter and my sister. No matter who comes back to the family, we won’t let you leave.”

Kang Jichuan’s eyes were filled with disappointment as he looked at Qiao Xi. He suddenly regretted letting Qiao Xi come back. After all, Qiao Xi had been wandering outside for so many years and was tainted with many bad habits. Qingzhi was already so tolerant, but she just could not tolerate Qingzhi and always bullied her.

Qiao Xi was disappointed. “I’ve never despised her identity as an adopted daughter, nor have I made things difficult for her!”

“If you didn’t make things difficult for Qingzhi, why does she want to leave the Kang family as soon as you come back? Could it be that she’s deliberately framing you? Xi Xi, Qingzhi and I grew up together. I know her character very well. She would rather suffer than implicate others. How can you bear to do this to her?”

Qiao Xi: “…”

She lowered her eyes coldly and pointed at the perfume recipes. “Kang Qingzhi, are you sure you wrote these?”

Kang Qingzhi took a few steps back in fear and grabbed Kang Jichuan’s sleeve like a frightened little white rabbit. “Brother…”

In Kang Jichuan’s opinion, Qiao Xi was going to cause trouble again today. He was just about to reprimand her when Qiao Xi said coldly, “I spent a few days writing these three perfume recipes. They suddenly disappeared this morning. How did they become the perfume recipes you wrote?”

The moment that was said, the living room fell silent.

Kang Qingzhi’s eyes were red as tears welled up in her eyes. She said anxiously, “Xi Xi, you… Are you saying that I stole your perfume recipes? I… I really didn’t do it!”

She hid behind Kang Jichuan in a panic, her pale fingers pulling Kang Jichuan’s clothes. She looked at him with sorrow and pleading eyes. She shed tears and shook her head. “Brother, I really didn’t steal anything! Xi Xi, if you like these perfume recipes, I can give them to you, but I…”

Her thin body could not help but tremble, and her voice was choked up. “Sister Xi Xi, it’s all my fault. If I had known… that you like to make perfumes, I wouldn’t have made these. I’ll give you the perfume recipes. I… I don’t want them anymore!”

Kang Qingzhi was weak to begin with. At this moment, tears were streaming down her face as she leaned against Kang Jichuan’s shoulder. The more she retreated, the more it made Qiao Xi look like she was causing trouble for no reason.

When Kang Jichuan saw that Kang Qingzhi was crying until she was out of breath, he was angered to the point his face turned red. He roared angrily. “Qiao Xi!”

He kept telling himself that Xi Xi was his biological sister. He took a long time to calm down before suppressing the anger in his heart. He tried his best to say in a gentle voice, “Xi Xi, it’s a good thing that you like to make perfumes, but why do you have to snatch Qingzhi’s perfume recipes? You also know that Qingzhi’s health isn’t good, so she has to rest for a long time after writing a few perfume recipes. Moreover, I was the one who accompanied her to write these perfume recipes. I saw her sniff the spices bit by bit and choose the spices. She worked hard to come up with them. Why should Qingzhi give them to you just because you like to make perfumes?”

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