Leveling Endlessly with the Strongest System!

Chapter 34

『You killed two Snow Wolves of the sixth level. You get +1 Stamina and 120 EXP!』

『You killed six Snow Wolves of the fourth level. You get 240 EXP!』

『You killed 1 Snow Wolf of the eight levels. You get +1 Agility and 160 EXP!』

These notifications sounded in the mind of the Asura, who had already brandished his swords toward the immobilized Snow Wolves on the ground.

Roy wasn’t unhurt. The move he made was self-harming. Forcing too much Aura out of the body instantly rocked his inside, causing him to bleed and lose 1 Health Point. But the price he paid was little in comparison to what he got. It was safe to say that he was happy with the results.

『Ding! You killed one Snow Wolf of the Ninth Level, 4 Snow Wolf of the Second Level, and one Snow Wolf of the third Level. You get a massive amount of EXP, +1 Agility, and +2 Stamina!』

Six heads flew towards the Luna, landing on her footsteps.

These heads belonged to her comrades, who weren’t given a chance to stand up before they were killed.

She glared at him with blue eyes full of resentment and undisguised murderous intent.

Roy stood seventeen feet away, but he could feel her anger.

He smashed some wolves with his shield, giving them a concussion, before turning around to give her a disdainful look.

The Luna felt as if Roy had poured salt over her wounds.

Feeling taunted, her blue eyes darkened.

[Luna’s Frost Breath!]

She opened her mouth, and in the very next instance, all the frosty air in the surrounding was sucked towards her. All that wind condensed into the shape of a ball.

“It’s coming….”

Right at that very moment, the Snow Wolves surrounding him backed off, and the Luna blasted the freezing cold air toward him.

He dashed to the sides, escaping half of the Luna’s Frost Breath. The other half was eaten by his Mana Shield, but now it showed signs of shattering. Numerous cracks were on it.

The level nine wolves had silently slinked their way to the young man when he was busy dodging the breath. All three pounced on him at the same time, noticing at the last second that Roy was looking at them as if they were as good as dead.


He spun in a circle with his sword. The wolves that couldn’t change their position in mid-air were chopped in two halves by it. Only one of them escaped death by landing on Roy’s sword. Then, it tried to bite his head off. What it got to eat, however, was a beefy smash of his shield.

Roy’s attack reassigned its facial structure, but it stubbornly kept its jaw clenched on his shield, trying to rip it out of his hand.

‘Why the heck is it doing this?’

Roy felt a tingling sensation on the back of his head.

“Oh, I see….”

The Luna was closing up on him. He released his hold on the shield. The foolish wolf that was forcefully tugging it away stumbled to a fall, and before it could stand up, Roy landed a strike on its head like a Mexican man smashing a tortilla with hot iron steel to give it a nice and crunchy crust.

『You landed an OverHead Strike on a Level 9 Wolf, bursting open its head. Congratulations on killing it. You gained 90 EXP, +1 AGT.』

By the time this notification popped up in his vision, the Luna had pounced on him.

His back was facing her as her claws lengthened to 1 meter in size.

She thought she had him.

However, Roy turned around and summoned a new shield just in time to block her merciless attack.

『You’ve used two charges of Mana Wall (1/3 chargers). You can only use it one more time today.』

Her attack was blocked, but she was hanging on his shield with all her might.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

She slashed at it again and again with her claws, shredding it like a guy shaving ice.

“Fuck off!” Roy pushed her off his shield, and then his sword stabbed its way to the front of her chest. She tried to dodge it by jumping away. She was faster than Roy. He failed to injure her grievously with this attack, but he created a wound on her forelimb.


She roared. Nobody knew whether it was because of pain or her hatred for Roy.

The two clashed again. The Luna was faster than Roy. His fighting strategy, however, was too hard for her to penetrate. She wasn’t able to land a single hit on him in the 60 exchanges they had made. Roy, on the other hand, had killed her minions while trading blows with her and also increased the number of wounds on her limbs by ten times. He was fighting a drawn-out battle intentionally.

After he gets her limbs, her speed would be comprised. It would then become easier for him to give her a good beating.

Because of the injuries on her limbs, Luna’s speed was effective. Roy started to land more hits on her.

Suddenly, he dropped his shield and sword.

What was he doing?

His actions surprised Luna.

“Eat this punch!” Roy roared, shooting a heavy fist shot towards the Luna.

Her eyes no longer showed bewilderment.

They only reflected certainty.

‘I am fighting an idiot,’ she thought.

She pounced ahead. Her mouth opened wide, revealing razor-sharp fangs. His fist didn’t stand a chance against them. With them, she would be able to rip off his arm.

She didn’t get him good, unlike her expectations. The invisible Aura gathered at the tip of his fist shot out like a rocket launched from a launcher. Before his fist even reached her, a heavy force smashed on her face. Not only was she hurled away like a ragdoll, but six of her teeth also flew out of her mouth with blood.

She came to a stop only after smashing against a tree!

Roy jumped towards her, bringing his sword down in a vertical slash. The tree was cut in half, but the Luna pounced to safety.

She howled and ran away. The remaining snow wolves also immediately scattered in different directions. This scene was ridiculous as hell. Normally, humans would run away after catching sight of a monster pack or a boss monster. But this time a monster pack and a boss monster were running away from a human!

Even if Roy wanted to hunt them all down, now it was impossible.

“Want to run away? Not on my watch!” Roy took a horse stance and stretched his devil’s hand towards the Luna.

The spell he had been dearly saving so far would see the light of day for the first time.

“Mana Blast!”

Immediately after those words were said, an insane amount of mana surged towards his open hand at ridiculous speed. The mana gathering in a single spot was so much that it became visible. As the mana condensed, a blue orb the size of his fist came into being.

Roy flung it ahead.


At a ridiculous speed, it whizzed through the air, landing on Luna’s back.


A resounding reverberation rang out as it exploded like a fucking nuke. The shockwaves of the explosion caused a mini-earthquake and uprooted the trees, blasting them away. Roy fell to his butt. But he quickly rolled to the side before trees landed on the spot he was a moment ago.

He stood up, looking towards the center of the explosion.

There, he saw what should be the remains of the Luna.

『Ding! The Mana Blast had blasted Luna and the wolves accompanying her into smithereens. Congratulations. You’ve killed the Luna Wolf. You gained 100 Experience Points, +5 Agility, +2 Stamina!』

『Ding! Your Agility has reached the Maximum Limit of your stage. You can no longer gain a permanent increase in it until you awaken.』

『Ding! Your Stamina has reached the maximum limit of your stage. You can no longer gain a permanent increase in it until you awaken.』

『Ding! Your Snow Wolf Leader Slayer Title has Evolved to The Destroyer of the Snow Wolf Clan! Congratulations. The damage you deal to Snow Wolves has increased to 50%. The damage you deal to other mammals has increased to 20%.』

Roy looked at the notifications with gleaming eyes.

“Fuck… this is too wonderful….”

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