Leveling Endlessly with the Strongest System!

Chapter 35

Roy pocketed the bodies of the wolves before looking at his experience points.

『EXP POINTS: 1400』

『Power Level: Body Tempering Stage 11th Level (0/1200 EXP)』

He found that he had enough to level up.

He wasted no time before focusing his intense gaze on the character screen and willing himself to level up.

『Would you like to level up?』


『Ding! Congratulation. You’ve advanced to the legendary twelfth level of Body Tempering.』

『Ding! Congratulations. Your World Energy Sensitivity has increased to 90%』

『Ding! The requirement to reach the next level has lowered. On top of an awakening stone or a holy baptism, you now only need 1000 EXP to advance to the next stage successfully.』

Roy didn’t have the luxury to reach the Weapon Master Stage, but he did have an intense desire to shoot to the next level of the stage he was currently in.

The experience points he needed to reach the next level of body tempering was 1300 points, and he already had 200 leftover points, meaning he needed to earn 1100 more.

‘That is going to take some time….’

After leveling up, for he was certain he would find clues as to how a single pack managed to get enough resources to raise a Luna and a winter wolf in their den, he tried to track it down.

He was studying hard to become a hunter back on Earth.

Hence, He knew how to locate the nest and resting place of monsters.

The footprints of many snow wolves were on the snow covering the ground. As it was not snowing today, nothing had covered them up. He traced them with his eyes, seeing them going all over the place.

‘There are too many. Following these footprints, I won’t reach their den even after a week. I need to find another way.’

Roy crouched down and looked at the footprints with a gaze of scrutiny and noticed that Luna’s footprint differed from the others, not by much, but if one looked at it carefully, they would notice the difference.

Her limbs were shorter, so the track she left behind was unique. He followed her footprints only.

“I will definitely reach the den in a short time following her footprints. Let’s do this….”

Along the way, a certain cheetah charged out of the darkness, pouncing on him. He beheaded it with a single slash of his sword.

Except for this one, the only other time he was stopped was when he answered nature’s call.

The journey after that was smooth.

He reached the wolf den, taking thirteen minutes and 57 seconds.

『You’ve entered the Den』

『Ding! Congratulations. As you’ve found the den by following Luna’s footprint, you’ve gained the tracking skill.』

There were a few young wolves here, and they bared their teeth at Roy

『Three young wolves have threatened you to go away.』

Roy looked at them, and unable to help it, he smiled.

Seeing these young ones that didn’t even reach his knees threatening him tickled his funny bone.

“To kill them would be a waste. I better scare them away.”

Roaring like a beast, he cut a tree in half using his sword to show them who’s the boss.

The way the young wolves were looking at him changed. Previously they were angry at him for invading their home. After the tree smashed on the snow with a dull thud, they looked at him, terrified.

He took a step towards them while looking at them with murder in his eyes.

Immediately, they scampered away.

Roy watched them run away without doing a thing as he didn’t have the heart to kill these weaklings that were still wet behind the ears and weren’t even at the first level, meaning he wouldn’t get any experience from taking them down.

『Ding! You have intimated three young wolves into running away. You’ve gained the Big Bully Title.』

It was as useless as its name, giving him no benefit whatsoever.

With no danger in sight, he investigated the den.

His eyes twinkled as he found a suspicious amount of magic herbs within the trees.

These herbs couldn’t be eaten raw by humans.

One could, however, make an elixir out of them or sell them for a decent price.

Magic herbs, unlike normal ones, sold for a lot.

Roy stored them all in his subspace, benefitting from the hard work of the wolves.

These herbs weren’t of this region. How the wolves got them was the real question.

In this den, He didn’t find anything suspicious except for the herbs. Their source was unknown to him.

Satisfied with the amount of magic herbs he got, he was about to leave when he sensed fluctuations in the surrounding mana.

He tracked it down to a tree stump.

Suspicious activities were taking place under it, Roy determined.

He grabbed the stump from each side.

Surprisingly, with a single upward tug, he picked it up, revealing a space shining a brilliant, pure gold color that was around 4 meters wide. Its depth was unknown.

Seeing it, Roy’s body trembled, his eyes widening to the size of saucers.

He was both shocked and happy, and he couldn’t help but show it.

“No wonder the snow wolves were able to grow their pack without starving in this barren land. There was a freaking treasure trove in their backyard.” Roy said as he put aside the tree stump.

The system’s notification rang in his mind.

『Ding! Congratulations. You have discovered the gate leading to a hidden realm. You’re the first of your race to discover this. You get +100 EXP.』

“So you can also earn rewards this way. Good….”

Roy was trembling out of excitement.

In front of him was the entrance to a freaking dungeon.

It was a place known to be filled with treasure but also danger.

Not many knew the way to determine the danger level of a dungeon, but Roy was among the few who knew.

The density of Mana and the level of beasts found in the same terrain as the dungeon’s entrance determined its level.

The maximum level of the beasts in the snowy mountains was not higher than ten, and the density of mana here was also average. It meant that the dungeon was suitable for a trainee like him.

He didn’t want a passerby to benefit from his efforts.

Thus, Roy rushed towards the golden hole in front of him, stepping into it first.

The golden light engulfed his vision.

When clarity returned to his eyes, he was already in a grassland.

『Ding! Congratulations. You are the first to discover the lust of Greenland. You get 100 experience points. You’ve gained the passive title Pioneer. The effect of this title is to help you gain additional EXP for killing monsters in the dungeons you’ve detected.』

As far as his eyes could see, there were only grasses. They were the size of his shoulder.

Suddenly, Roy’s hair stood on edge.

“Danger… it’s rapidly approaching me….”

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