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Chapter 25: Looking for Trouble

Chapter 25: Looking for Trouble

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"Shang shaoye!"

Shaoye -> Young master

Cao Xiong says respectfully.

"Cao Xiong laoshi, you were looking for me?" Shang Bin looks over with a puzzled expression.

They might be both teachers of the academy and they often bump into one another, but their relationship is still stuck at the level of an acquaintance.

"Indeed. I have something which I would have to trouble Shang shaoye with!" Cao Xiong hesitates for a moment before speaking.

"As long as it is something I could help you with, I will try my best!" Cao Xiong replies.

As the grandson of Elder Shang Chen, there are quite a few teachers who come looking for him for favors every day and he has long gotten used to it.

"Is that so? I... Yesterday, I took much difficulty in admitting a student under my tutelage, but he was snatched away by another teacher through deception. Isn't Elder Shang in charge of the Education Bureau? I would like to ask... if it is possible to transfer the student back to me..."

Cao Xiong says.

Liu Yang is the best student which he spent a lot of effort to recruit. Yet, he lost him to Zhang Xuan due to that bet. When he returned, he got angrier and angrier the more he thought about it. Eventually, he couldn't bear it anymore and came to look for Shang Bin today.

Shang Bin's grandfather is Elder Shang Chen, the head of the academy's Education Bureau. Allocating a student to another teacher would be quite a simple feat for him.

"Transfer back?" Shang Bin frowns. "If that student willingly came under the other person's tutelage, it would be difficult! You also know that students are much more troublesome nowadays. If they are dissatisfied with anything, they would report the incident to the Royal Court and the Teacher Union, then we will..."

"He isn't willing! I can guarantee that!" Cao Xiong hurriedly replies.

"Even if he isn't willing, if the other teacher is unwilling to let him go, it won't be easy as well. You know the school rules..." Shang Bin waves his hand. Suddenly, he raises his head and asks, "Just now, you said... deception? May I know which teacher is the one who coaxed your student over?"

"It is our academy's 'trash teacher' Zhang Xuan..." Speaking of that young man, Cao Xiong clenches his jaws and hatred could be plainly seen on his face.

"Zhang Xuan? Your student was coaxed over by him?" Hearing that name once again, Shang Bin's rage burns once again.

If it wasn't for this fellow, he would definitely be able to get a dinner date with his goddess! A fellow who is only Fighter 3-dan and scored a zero for him Teacher Qualification Examination would actually dare to disregard his authority, he is seeking for death!

If it wasn't for the presence of the goddess yesterday such that it was inconvenient to resort to physical means, he would have definitely beat him until he is on the verge of dying!

"Yes! Since he is that kind of teacher, no humans would be willing to become his student! So, I would like to trouble Shang shaoye to help me bring up this matter with Elder Shang and allocate my student back..." Cao Xiong says carefully, afraid that the other party would refuse his request.

"There is no need to bring this up with Elder Shang, I will settle this matter for you now!" Shang Bin waves his hand majestically.

"You're going to settle the matter for me?"

"The other teachers might still require the help of my grandfather for the reallocation process but since we're talking about the useless trash Zhang Xuan, why do we have to go through so much trouble? We just have to go to him straight and if he refuses, we will cripple him!"

Shang Bin gestures grandly.

He might be at a loss in means to deal with other teachers, but towards the one who scored a zero for the Teacher Qualification Examination, it is simply too easy for him to make a stand to teach him a lesson!

Disregarding his weak abilities, the crux of it is that no one in the academy would possibly come in his defense.

The most important point of all is that he had intended to give Zhang Xuan a good thrashing to vent his frustration but he had been vexed over the lack of a suitable justification for it.

If he were to strike without a suitable justification, he would surely leave a bad impression with Shen Bi Ru if she were to find out.

But now, he has duped away the student of another teacher and the person in question has come over seeking for his help. He could make use of this reason to lash out at him!

"This..." He didn't expect that Shang Bin would be so generous, Cao Xiong is taken aback.

"There is no need for 'this'. Come with me! If you're afraid, I will do it for you!" The corners of Shang Bin's lip curl upwards as a glint of brutality flashes across his eyes.

"Then, I will be thanking Shang shaoye in advance!" Cao Xiong's eyes light up excitedly as he nods his head hurriedly. The two of them move towards Zhang Xuan's classroom with widened strides.

It didn't take long for them to arrive at the entrance of Zhang Xuan's classroom to see the mummy-like Yao Han and the young master of the Wang family.

"Wang Tao, what are you doing here instead of training over at grandfather's? Shang Bin frowns.

He might be the grandson of Elder Shang Chen, but he is still a little off in terms of standing in comparison to Wang Tao.

"Shang Bin laoshi!" Wang Tao bows. "My younger sister was duped to attend lessons here. I intend to take her back..."

"Shang Bin?"

Yao Han was still considering whom he should gather intelligence on Shang Bin from when he heard that the young man before him is Shang Bin. He hurriedly lifts his head to take a good look at him.

"You mean Wang Ying xiaojie?" Shang Bin's face darkens. Coldness radiates out of his eyes as he declares, "That Zhang Xuan is really too daring! To dare to dupe even Wang xiaojie, he must be tired of living! Looks like if I don't teach him a lesson, it would be hard to appease the crowd!"

Xiaojie -> Young mistress

"Indeed..." Wang Tao nods his head.

"Since Wang Ying xiaojie was duped to come under his tutelage, why don't you barge in to stop him, and chose to wait here instead?" Harrumphing, Shang Bin looks over with a puzzled expression.

"That..." Wang Tao dares not to admit that he was thrown out. Scratching his head, just when he is perplexed over how he should answer, Yao Han, who is beside him, says, "Isn't there a rule in the academy that states that entry into a classroom is disallowed in the midst of a lesson? Thus, we could only wait outside for the lessons to end!"

"This is..."

Only now does Shang Bin notice the mummy-like Yao Han.

"This is the butler of City Lord Zhao of Baiyu City, Yao Han!" Wang Tao hurriedly introduces him.

"So, it is butler Yao. I have long heard of your name!" Shang Bin nods his head and continues, "There is such a rule in the academy that no one is allowed to barge into the classroom in the midst of a lesson. However, it doesn't matter in this case. You all can follow behind me to enter the classroom. Today, I will personally take care of the fellow who has no morals as a teacher and goes around conning others!"

"Alright!" Hearing that he is going to make a move, Wang Tao's eyes light up and follows closely behind him. Yao Han hesitates for a moment before following behind them.


In the classroom.

"Hongtian Nine Dan Formula. It might be the most basic cultivation technique of Hongtian Academy, but there are quite a few problems with it. For example..."

The five students sit in the classroom, listening attentively to Zhang Xuan's explanations.

Despite it only being the first lecture, they are all incomparably shocked. It is as though they have consumed ginseng fruit and is getting drunk on his words.

The few students present in the classroom, with the exception of Yuan Tao, have exceptional backgrounds. They might have never gone to an academy, but they had learned everything systematically. They have undergone lectures of many different teachers and even had the privilege of having Fighter 5-dan and 6-dan experts offering them pointer... However, they had never been to such a lesson in their entire life.

The lecture gives them a feeling of enlightenment. They found themselves suddenly comprehending many things that they were perplexed in the past. The breath in their body seems to be tempted to follow the methods which the teacher is describing to them and a sensation that they would be able to break through any time now gushes through them.

The lecture is simply too well-said!

Hearing Zhang Xuan's lessons, they realize that even the supposed high-level teachers pale greatly in comparison to him.

This is especially so for Zhao Ya. As the daughter of a city lord, her father often deciphers cultivation techniques for her. Initially, she had always thought that her father is the best lecturer in the entire Tianxuan Kingdom. After all, her father's strength is clear for all to see!

However, in comparison to Zhang laoshi, she feels like a frog in the well! It is laughable. There is totally no way to compare the both of them at all!

Zhang laoshi's explanations are spot-on. No matter how incredible the cultivation technique and battle technique is, he is able to immediately spot the flaws in it, causing one to be shocked and go into deep thoughts, unable to calm the agitation in them for a long period of time.

Often, a single deciphering sentence of Zhang laoshi would send them into thoughts for half a day. After they finally comprehend it after much difficulty, they would realize that he had already been talking for a long period of time and that they had missed many of the knowledge which he had imparted then.

"Zhang laoshi's standards... are way too high!"

At this moment, the five students finally understand how deep the foundations of battle techniques and how wide the tree of knowledge is within this young man who isn't much older than them.

"Previously, I laughably thought that Zhang laoshi had simply lucked out to make my strength soar instantaneously. Only now do I realize that... given his wisdom, it is a small feat for him to accomplish such greatness! There are more than a hundred methods for him to make my strength increase by a fold..."

The previously arrogant Liu Yang couldn't help but tremble on the spot, "In comparison to him, Cao Xiong laoshi... Sigh, I better not compare the two of them. They are at totally different heights, there is no way to compare the two of them. It is like they both exist in different worlds! It is fortunate that they made that bet, otherwise, how could I possibly meet such a great teacher..."

The five students are each listening attentively to the lecture in agitation, afraid that they would miss some important knowledge.


The door to the classroom is pushed open and a few men walk in with large strides.

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