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Chapter 26: Enlightenment Will Trial

Chapter 26: Enlightenment Will Trial

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Enlightenment Will Trial

“Zhang Xuan, I didn’t expect that your guts would be so inflated after not meeting for a day!” Walking into the room, Shang Bin surveys the surroundings and notices that the ‘trash’ had managed to admit in five students. A savage expression flashes across his eyes as he sneers coldly, “To dare to deceive Wang Ying xiaojie, Zhao Ya xiaojie and the others, as well as to coax the student of Cao Xiong laoshi to come under your tutelage instead, where the hell did you find such courage!”

“Shang Bin laoshi? Cao Xiong laoshi?”

Seeing the few people who just barged in, Zhang Xuan frowns, “I am in the midst of a lesson. If there’s anything you want to say, please say them after the lessons!”

“Lesson your head! Shang shaoye came personally over so what the hell are you acting so high and mighty for? Given your standards, it is already a blessing for the others to not be misguided by you, yet you talk about having lessons? You little brat who don’t even know the basics, how dare to pretend like you’re something big before us!” Cao Xiong mocks Zhang Xuan coldly.

Since the both of them are already hostile to one another, there is no need for him to put on an act anymore.

“Get out! You’re not welcome here!” Zhang Xuan narrows his eyes.

“You are still continuing on with the act? Zhang Xuan, do you even remember your own surname?” Shang Bin laughs coldly, “Quickly release Zhao Ya xiaojie and Wang Ying xiaojie from your lessons and reallocate Liu Yang back to Cao Xiong laoshi. If so, I might choose to back down and not teach you a lesson today. Otherwise… I’m afraid that you will have to spend this school term in a wheelchair!”

“You want to make a move on me?” Zhang Xuan glances over, “The academy forbids teachers from fighting one another within its compounds. Is Shang Bin laoshi unaware of the academy rules?”

“The academy rules are made for humans. Against others, I would still be worried about the consequences about flouting those rules, but towards you… Hehe, do you think that there would be anyone in the academy who would stand up for a trash like you?” Shang Bin declares with an expression that clearly spells out that his vile intentions.

“I get it, is it because I offended you with my words yesterday, that’s why you are intentionally seeking trouble with me now? Aren’t you afraid that Shen Bi Ru laoshi would be displeased by such actions of yours?” Zhang Xuan harrumphs.

“Hehe, at least you are well-aware of it. Since I have decided to teach you a lesson, of course, I won’t be worried about you talking nonsense…” Shang Bin doesn’t deny it and just as he is about to gleefully step forward to teach the fellow before him a lesson, he is interrupted by another furious voice.

“It’s you!”

Yao Han’s eyes turn red.

Given how Zhang Xuan had offended Shang Bin yesterday and Shen Bi Ru laoshi is involved in the incident as well, if Yao Han is still unable to figure out the culprit who beat him up, even he himself would suspect that he is a fool!

“What?” Seeing butler Yao rage out when he is about to punish Zhang Xuan, Shang Bin turns around to look at him, bewildered.

“Do you think that it is possible for you to be unaware of what you have done?”

Before Shang Bin could react, accompanied by a loud roar, a fist smashes violently onto his face.

“The heck!”

Shang Bin could only feel everything before him turning dark. The regions around his eyes bruised up. His body staggers for a moment before falling to the ground.

“To dare to beat me up to such a pathetic state, I will make you suffer for it!”

Recalling the agony he undergone from the beating yesterday, there isn’t any hesitation in Yao Han’s blows at all. Sitting onto Shang Bin’s body, fist after fist come raging onto him like a storm.

“Butler Yao…”

Everything occurred too quickly. Wang Tao and Cao Xiong is flabbergasted.

Actually, there aren’t the only ones who were taken aback, even Zhao Ya, Wang Ying and the others stare at one another in confusion.

Just a moment ago, when these few people came over to find trouble with Zhang laoshi, Zhang Xuan’s students were still quite enraged and had intended to stand up for him. Yet, before they could do anything, the other side started fighting among themselves.

Isn’t this incident too bizarre!

This is especially so for Zhao Ya. She is well-aware of the personality of butler Yao. He is a very dignified and rational person who handles problems systematically. Otherwise, her father wouldn’t have possibly allowed him to become the butler of their family.

But… what happened today? Why did he start beating up Shang Bin before he could finish his words?

Probably, the only one who knows what is happening is Zhang Xuan.

The reason why he intentionally mentioned that he offended Shang Bin yesterday and brought up Shen Bi Ru’s name is to remind butler Yao of the two features of his attacker yesterday… In the end, just as he intended, he made a move on Shang Bin!

Actually, this cannot be blamed on butler Yao for being rash. After all, no matter who it is, if they were to be beaten up out of the blue for no good reason, they would definitely hold some resentment in their heart. Furthermore, he is of esteemed position and represents the image of Baiyu City, so he had never suffered such injustice. To add on, he had been angered by Zhang Xuan multiple times these two days and his young mistress had been curbing him from assaulting him. Without an outlet to vent his frustration, it has been welling up in his chest. At this moment, when he has met his enemy, how could he stand it any further?

“Butler Yao, what are you doing?!” Feeling the fists crashing down onto him like raindrops, the confused Shang Bin could only feel his vision going dark. He almost threw up a mouthful of fresh blood.

What is going on?

This is the first time he is meeting this butler Yao and he shouldn’t have offended him before, so why the heck is he so brutal?

No matter how he tries to recall, he couldn’t fathom how he could have possibly offended the other party!

“What am I doing? Stop acting ignorant here, are you not aware of it yourself?”

Peng peng peng peng!

Butler Yao’s fist came landing one after another without any moment of rest.

Shang Bin is a high-level teacher and has reached the level of Fighter 5-dan Dingli realm. Even so, there is still a distance between him and Yao Han’s 6-dan Pixue realm. He isn’t even a match for Yao Han in a normal battle, needless to say, a sudden assault. He is done in with just a single punch.

“Butler Yao, calm down, calm down. We can talk things through calmly…”

Only now then do Cao Xiong and Wang Tao regain their senses and they hurriedly pull the both of them apart.

At this moment, Shang Bin’s handsome face is swollen to the point that there is no difference between it and a pig’s head.

“Damn it!” Shang Bin is about to explode from anger.

Initially, he had intended to teach Zhang Xuan a lesson but never in his dreams did he expect the butler Yao from Baiyu City to suddenly go insane and assault him!

At this moment, all of his accumulated rage channels onto towards butler Yao!

“No matter what personal grudges the few of you may hold among yourselves, please settle it outside the classroom. This isn’t a location for you all to fight it out. If you all do not leave now and continue to interrupt my lessons, I will inform the Central Education Bureau and call them over…”

Zhang Xuan speaks up.

“Fine… Just you all wait!”

Hearing that he would inform the Central Education Bureau, Shang Bin turns around and walks away.

If news were to spread about his current state, how could still possibly have the face to meet others? He must not allow any teachers to see him in his current state!

“Shang shaoye… Shang shaoye!”

Shaoye -> Young master

Initially, Cao Xiong thought that it would be an easy task. With Shang shaoye making a move personally, he would definitely he able to get Zhang Xuan to return his student. However, never in his dreams did he expect to see such a situation occurring. Cao Xiong hurriedly follows behind him.

Soon, the two of them disappear from view.

“Uncle Yao, what are you doing?”

After the two of them left, Zhao Ya walks up and looks at her Uncle Yao, her face flushed red from anger.

This Uncle Yao was normal in the past, so why is he getting more and more overboard nowadays!

“Young mistress, I…” Yao Han doesn’t know how he should reply to Zhao Ya’s words.

After all, he can’t possibly say that he had intended to sneak over to Zhang Xuan’s dormitory in an attempt to castrate him but ended up getting bashed up by Shang Bin instead, and he did a moment ago was to exact vengeance for that!

“Alright, I am still in the midst of the lesson. I would have to ask for the rest of you to leave!”

Zhang Xuan gestures.

After hesitating for a moment, Yao Han, Wang Tao and Old Liu leave the classroom yet again.


“Damn it, damn it!”

After leaving Zhang Xuan’s classroom, Shang Bin cries out in anger, “That Yao Han must be taught a lesson. Zhang Xuan as well. To dare to look at me contemptuously, he must be punished!”

As the grandson of an elder, his life has been smooth sailing all along. When had he ever suffered such injustice!

Furthermore, the worst of it all is that he didn’t even know the reason behind it.

He was in the midst of talking when the other party suddenly rushed up to assault him in the blink of an eye! He finds the scenario incomprehensible!

“That Yao Han must be an accomplice of Zhang Xuan! Otherwise, why would he make a move on Shang shaoye? I think he must have been ordered to do so!” Cao Xiong says.

“No doubt, that must be it!” Shang Bin agrees.

He had never offended Yao Han, but the other party made a move on him without any warnings. It must be due to his declaration of wanting to teach Zhang Xuan a lesson!

“Are you sure that Liu Yang did not willingly acknowledge Zhang Xuan as his teacher?”

After awhile, Shang Bin calms down and turns around to ask.

“I can ascertain that he didn’t do it out of his own free will!” Recalling the unwillingness on Liu Yang’s face when he left yesterday, Cao Xiong replies confidently.

“Great. If you’re that sure of it, go and apply for a [ Enlightenment Will Trial ]!” Shang Bin says.

“Enlightenment Will Trial? This…” Cao Xiong’s face darkens.

Enlightenment Will Trial is a special method to determine the allocation of a student who is vied by multiple teachers when the academy is unable to make a judgment. The student would undergo the trial of the [ Enlightenment Will Tower ] and the Enlightenment Will Tower will reflect his true thoughts in the form of a confidence-meter.

If the student is proven to be unwilling to come under the tutelage of the teacher, the teacher of the student will be punished. On the other hand, if it is proven that the one who applied for the Enlightenment Will Trial is making a false report, he would receive an equivalent punishment.

This is the final resort used when there is truly no means to determine the allocation of the student.

Cao Xiong is aware of it, but he feels that things have yet to get to such an irreconcilable point.

“Why? Are you lying to me? Could it be that the fellow joined Zhang Xuan willingly?” Looking at Cao Xiong’s hesitant face, Shang Bin’s face darkens even further.

“No, he definitely did not join willingly. I… will apply now! I will make sure Zhang Xuan will get what he deserves!” Cao Xiong nods his head.

“Un, then hurry up!” Looking at his compliance, Shang Bin nods his head in satisfaction. “When you are applying for it, make sure to raise the punishment to the maximum! This way, Zhang Xuan would be in for a tough time, perhaps he might even get fired!”

Punishment can be raised based on the applier’s request. The higher the stakes are, the heavier the penalty on the side who fails the trial.

“Alright!” Cao Xiong’s eyes light up with excitement as he visions the image of Zhang Xuan getting fired.

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