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Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Zuo Xiaoqing, You’re Actually Praising Me

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The entire fashion show only lasted about forty minutes in total. It was extremely packed.

Each outfit was only on display for less than a minute.

Zuo Xiaoqing was deeply attracted and overwhelmed by the rapidly changing scenes. Her gaze was filled with admiration.

The models involved in today’s fashion show were all internationally renowned supermodels. Each of them would come at a high price that only the SL Group could afford.

If there came a day when her design could be donned by these supermodels and displayed at such a high-scale fashion show, she would be at the peak of her life!

The fashion show was approaching its end. The participants standing and watching the show began to feel their excitement peaking.

“The fashion show is coming to an end. The main highlight of today is about to come!”

“I heard that the model walking the closing runway with the main highlight outside is the supermodel, Bai Xinxin, that ranks first in the country currently! I wonder what sort of outfit is worthy of her presence!”

“Wow, Bai Xinxin, huh?! She’s my idol!”

Bai Xinxin ascended the T-shaped runway under the watchful eyes of the anticipating crowd. As soon as she appeared, her presence triggered waves upon waves of surprised gasps.

She was tall and slim with a perfect figure. Her complexion was as fair as snow and crystal clear. She appeared especially striking under the illumination of the stage lights. In addition, her face had a mixed aesthetic value of Asian and Caucasian features. Bai Xinxin truly deserved the reputation of being the number one supermodel!

However, the crowd noticed not her beautiful appearance at first glance but the gown that she wore.

It had simplistic, minimalist workmanship. The black and white colors formed the perfect contrast while its modern yet complicated floral pattern added a dash of classical charm to the gown.

However, the most striking part of the gown was not all these. Instead, it was at the bosom of the gown.

A blood-red butterfly was pinned unassumingly at the edge of Bai Xinxin’s right collarbone.

It was enchanting, cold, and alluring. It appeared as if it had just feasted on the beauty’s fresh blood and was about to spread its wings and fly away.

The originally puritanical gown was added with a dash of sensuality.

It matched Bai Xinxin’s bright red lip color that made her appear even more laidback and sexy.

As she made her way across the standard runway, the stage lights on the T-shaped runway refracted onto the gown into different gradients of light. It resulted in her continuous alter ego switch of being puritanical and sensual.

Because of their amazement, all the members of the audience forgot to breathe within that short period of less than a minute.

The entire scene boiled over instantaneously after Bai Xinxin’s silhouette vanished.

The photographers from the famous magazines watching the show were sparing no effort in capturing photographs. They regretted reacting slowly to the situation deeply such that they failed to capture more images.

“This must be the most successful fashion show for Sheng Yu in the past few years!”

“That’s right. That final gown is truly breathtaking! The design of that butterfly is ingenious! This is the first time that I’ve already forgotten that the model is Bai Xinxin, but the only thing on my mind is the outfit she wore!”

“I’m going to publish an article immediately when I go back later. It’s going to be centered around the butterfly!”

After the show, Zuo Xiaoqing and the rest left through the side door and returned to the meeting room on the eleventh floor.

They were discussing the fashion show along the way. Naturally, the most discussed topic was the main highlight gown.

After a while, Andy walked into the room. “How was it? What are your thoughts after watching the fashion show earlier?”

Everyone was alerted by his question. They realized that he was testing their vision.

“The standards for this fashion show are very high. There’s a large amount of innovation displayed using traditional foundation, especially in the final gown…”

“That butterfly is simply the finishing touch that brought the work of art to life!”

The participants competed against one another to express their views on the assumption that this was part of the competition. They utilized their professional knowledge to boast about the final gown from different perspectives.

Naturally, Zuo Xiaoqing attempted to display her dominance as well. “The final gown has proven itself to be the main highlight. Even the butterfly is only a small accessory, it is utilized perfectly. Moreover, it changes the style of the dress! It expresses today’s theme appropriately. It can be said that the butterfly is the soul of today’s fashion show!”

As she analyzed it with sound charisma, she felt that she gave the best description out of everyone else. Her effort would certainly impress Andy!

However, Luo Chenxi’s soft chuckle was heard coming from the doorway before Zuo Xiaoqing’s voice faded away. “Zuo Xiaoqing, you’re actually praising me. I’m flattered!”

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