Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 3495 - 3495 Escorting The Bride

3495 Escorting The Bride

So, they walked into the room together. Feng Ye and Zhao Yang, as well as Hao’er and Guan Xilin’s son also ran in after them.

Su Xi and Shangguan Wanrong chatted with each other for a while, then after they looked at the layout of the room, they told Feng Jiu to eat something then go to sleep. They would come over at midnight to help her bathe and apply makeup.

Everyone in the courtyard cleared out except Bai Qingcheng and Leng Shuang, who were standing guard in the courtyard. Even the children were told to return to their own courtyards to go to bed early.

Feng Jiu lay on the bed but was unable to fall asleep. She was a bride-to-be, full of anticipation and happiness, it would be strange if she was able to fall asleep at this time!

Although she was unable to fall asleep, she closed her eyes to rest her mind. At midnight, there was a light knock on her door, and the voices of Qin Xin and Bai Qingcheng drifted in.

“Master, it is time to bathe and change your clothes.”

“Fine.” Feng Jiu replied and got up lazily. She allowed them to help her bathe and change her clothes, then she sat in front of the dressing table and started applying makeup.

Just like Feng Jiu’s side, on the other side, Xuanyuan Mo Ze, who was preparing to welcome his bride, was also excited and unable to conceal his joy. He repeatedly asked his subordinates to confirm that there were no mistakes in all matters, and asked the people in the palace to make the preparations. He also allowed Ren Xiang to stay in his manor to handle various matters.

Whether it was to the people in Hell’s Palace, or to the people in the Xuan Yuan Empire, when they saw that Xuanyuan Mo Ze was about to get married, they were even more excited than they were for their own marriage.

“Shadow One, make sure you get the timing right and don’t miss the auspicious time for escorting the bride.” Xuanyuan Mo Ze instructed Shadow One once again.

“Yes, Master. Don’t worry. Subordinate will remember!” Shadow One responded and looked at his Master, who was wearing his wedding robes. The corners of his lips couldn’t help but curl slightly and revealed an imperceptible smile.

His Master seemed to be nervous and full of anticipation! He had changed into his wedding robes early and waited in anticipation for the time to come.

In the midst of the bustle and nervousness, time passed quietly. When the first ray of sunlight fell on the ground early in the morning, Xuanyuan Mo Ze revealed a smile. He lifted his robe and strode out and ordered: “Light the firecrackers! Play the music! Follow me to escort the bride!”

Joy could be heard in his deep voice that contained a powerful aura. Almost as soon as he had spoken, whether it was at the gate of the palace or the gate of his manor, the sounds of firecrackers sounded at the same time…

The majestic Hell’s Guards dressed in impressive attire, picked up the betrothal gifts in groups of two. The large mahogany boxes with red bouquets of flowers on top were picked up in orderly fashion by the army-like team and followed Xuanyuan Mo Ze mightily.


The sound of a dragon’s roar sounded and Green Dragon came out of Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s space and spun around twice before coming to Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s side.

Amidst the happy sounds of firecrackers and joyous music, Xuanyuan Mo Ze, who was dressed in a luxurious gold-patterned black robe, raised his breath and stood on top of Green Dragon and flew into the air.

Behind him, thousands of people followed neatly. Some played music, some carried gifts, while some carried the bridal sedan. There were also nearly a hundred women in dresses carrying flower baskets in their hands.

Amidst the joyous sounds, a seven coloured rainbow bridge appeared in the sky, and on the other side of the bridge, a huge space teleportation array appeared in the sky…

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