Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 3496 - 3496 Congratulations From All Around

3496 Congratulations From All Around

Xuanyuan Mo Ze passed through the space teleportation array, but he didn’t arrive directly at where Feng Jiu was in the city. Instead, appeared some distance away in the sky and descended with thousands of people to escort the bride. Music was played along the way and flowers swirled in the air. There was also a layer of seven-coloured clouds in the sky between the blue sky and white clouds. The whole scene was as beautiful as heaven and was an unforgettable sight.

At this moment, several streams of light flashed across the sky and fell like shooting stars on the surrounding mountain peaks of Cloudy Moon City. They looked at the thousands of people who had come to escort the bride from a distance. The voice of an Elder who stood at the peak of one of the mountains spoke, his voice contained spirit energy which spread through the sky.

“I, the Sect Master of the Blue Star Immortal Sect, have come to congratulate Hell’s Lord and the Ghost Doctor on their wedding day! I give ninety nine boxes of treasures to add to the Ghost Doctor’s dowry!”

His voice was like thunder that rumbled out and reverberated through the entire realm. His voice clearly transmitted into the ears of everyone in all directions causing a burst of exclamation.

“Green City Immortal Sect has come to congratulate Monarch Xuanyuan and the Ghost Doctor on their wedding day! I give ninety nine boxes of treasures to add to the Ghost Doctor’s dowry!”

“The Four Great Immortal Sects are here to congratulate Hell’s Lord and the Ghost Doctor on their wedding day! We give ninety nine boxes of rare antiques and precious medicines to add to the Ghost Doctor’s dowry!”

Upon hearing the congratulatory voices and the boxes of gifts to add to the Ghost Doctor’s dowry, everyone down below were excited.

“They’re strong exponents from the upper realm! Wow! I didn’t expect all the important figures from the upper realm to come!”

The patriarchs of some of the families couldn’t help but gasp when they heard the titles of the people who had arrived. However, at this moment, another ray of light flashed by and a figure appeared in a high place. An old person’s voice full of laughter came out.

“I, Sage Hun Yuan, have come specially to drink a cup of wedding wine, and also add to Feng Jiu’s dowry! Hahahahaha! Feng Jiu, I wish you and Xuanyuan Mo Ze to have a precious son soon, and that the dragon and phoenix will grow old together!”

“The Eight Major Families of Hundred Rivers City congratulate Hell’s Lord and the Ghost Doctor on their wedding day!”

“By the order of the Black Market Chief, we congratulate the Ghost Doctor on her wedding day and also add to her dowry!”

The voices outside were still echoing in the sky while Feng Jiu sat in the room in the back courtyard and listened to the voices. A beautiful smile bloomed on her lips.

Those people she was familiar with had arrived!

“They’re here, they’re here, the bridegroom and his escorts are here!” Feng Ye shouted excitedly and ran in from outside with Hao’er with his short legs and Zhao Yang following behind him.

“Little Feng Feng, let me tell you, there are colourful clouds in the sky outside and thousands of people have come to escort you. The long procession of people are walking down from the sky from afar and music is spreading through the sky with flowers swirling all around, and… ouch!”

Feng Ye was so excited that he danced about like he was the one getting married, and in his excitement, he staggered and fell forwards.

“Be careful, don’t fall down.” Ye Jing reached out and helped him, shaking her head helplessly. Those children!

Feng Ye smiled shyly and stood up. After he straightened his clothes, he thanked Ye Jing and quickly went over to Feng Jiu’s side and said excitedly: “There are a lot of people outside. Not only is our manor surrounded by lots of people, there are also a lot of people coming from far away in mid-air.”

Feng Jiu glanced at him through the mirror and said jokingly with a smile: “Calm down, if people don’t know who is getting married they’d think it was you.”

“I’m just happy!” Feng Ye said and scratched his head: “When are you going out? I think the sedan chair is coming soon.”

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