Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 3497 - 3497 Sending Off The Bride

3497 Sending Off The Bride

Feng Ye blinked at her and asked curiously: “Do you need to be carried?”

When Feng Jiu saw the unconcealable happiness and curiosity on his face, she couldn’t help but tap his nose and asked with a smile: “Why? Do you want to carry me on your back?”

Upon hearing this, Feng Ye touched his nose embarrassedly and said: “I may not be able to carry you.” He was not as big and masculine as Sunny, even if he could carry her, he wouldn’t be able to carry her on his back.

Ye Jing pursed her lips and smiled, then said: “Don’t worry, you don’t have to carry her. The red carpet has been laid down all through the manor, so she can walk out. But it will be helpful if you walk behind her and hold her skirt.”

“Yes, I will.” Feng Ye responded immediately.

Hao’er looked at Feng Ye, then at Ye Jing, and he couldn’t help but lowered his head and played with his fingers. Then he came to Feng Jiu’s side and asked softly: “Mother, what about me?”

Looking at his small figure, Feng Jiu smiled and said: “You can help your Mother hold her skirt! I need someone small like you to do it. Feng Ye is too big, and he is also my little uncle, so it’s not appropriate.”

“Ah? Why not? Then what should I do?” Feng Ye couldn’t help but widen his eyes when he heard this.

“Just follow behind obediently.” Feng Jiu glanced at him and said.

Shangguan Wanrong and Su Xi walked in and saw that the room was full of people, so they came over to Feng Jiu: “Why haven’t you put on the phoenix crown yet? Hurry, put on the phoenix crown. The auspicious time is nearly here, and the people who are coming to escort the bride are already outside.”

Therefore, the little children were kicked out while Ye Jing and the others in the room helped her put on the phoenix crown quickly and checked that everything was in order.

“The veil is not necessary.” Feng Jiu said with a smile. She looked at them and said: “The phoenix crown has a beaded curtain hanging down, so that will be fine.”

“You don’t want to cover your face? I think that’s unheard of! The bride has to wear a red veil when she gets married.” Shangguan Wanrong said and looked at Su Xi involuntarily.

Su Xi smiled and said: “Let her be! She is not an ordinary person to begin with anyway. Her wedding doesn’t have to be held according to the customs of ordinary people either. Besides, what she said is true, the phoenix crown has a beaded curtain hanging down so her face is already partially covered, and it is also extremely beautiful.”

Shangguan Wanrong nodded upon hearing this, and helped Feng Jiu stand up, then said with a smile: “When Fire Phoenix saw them arriving, it started flying around outside. Mo Ze’s Green Dragon is also here. With one phoenix and one dragon outside, everyone is singing praises.”

“Feng girl, are you ready?” Feng Sanyuan’s voice drifted in from outside.

“Little Jiu, are you ready?” Feng Xiao also asked.

“Yes, yes, we are coming out now.” Shangguan Wanrong responded and said to Feng Jiu: “Your Grandfather and Father will send you off to get married, let them lead you to the sedan chair.”

“Yes.” Feng Jiu responded, then she straightened her clothes and walked out of the room step by step with the support of the two people by her side and came into the courtyard.

Mo Chen, Feng Sanyuan, Feng Xiao, Song Ming, Leng Hua and the others were in the courtyard waiting. Their eyes lit up as they watched her walk slowly out of the room. Even though they knew she was beautiful, and they were already used to her beauty, but today, at this moment, when they saw her walk out of the room wearing her new wedding dress with the phoenix crown and beaded curtain hanging down, they were still amazed.

She looked dignified and elegant wearing the dazzling, long, luxurious wedding dress. She walked slowly, and with each step, the beaded curtain that covered her face swayed gently, revealing her beautiful face every now and then, which added to the mystery…

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