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Chapter 1465 - 1465 Lady Chaoyan's Begonia Yard 2

1465 Lady Chaoyan’s Begonia Yard 2

Gu Zhenkang had intended to show up earlier than this to console Gu Ruxue well before people from the court touched Begonia Yard, but Gu Chaoyan suggested taking a tour around the Gu Mansion with him as the host, saying that she had not visited the mansion for a long while.

He was so worried during that period, but there was nothing he could do, but to keep her company and walk around.

He only hoped that Ruxue could be mature enough to think about the Gu Family, rather than cause trouble.

He had tried to believe that it was going to be a good situation, but seeing what happened, and how Mrs. Gu reacted, he suddenly realized that something was wrong.

Something bad happened.

He got furious when he received this feeling.

Mrs. Gu was the madame of the whole family and yet she not only caused trouble for him but also failed to deal with the errands.

Gu Zhenkang’s face sank.

He asked coldly. “What is going on?”

“Old Master, this eunuch and his men are ruining Begonia Yard, you have to help Ruxue! You know you built this yard just for her and she has been living here for so many years. It is terrible if she is moved out suddenly. This eunuch is doing something to the maid’s room of the Crown Prince Consort before she got married!” Mrs. Gu got increasingly angry as she said that.

Hearing what she said, Gu Zhenkang got even more furious.

She could talk about Begonia Yard as she wanted, but how could she say anything like that to De Fu. Didn’t she know who De Fu was working for? He was not just a eunuch.

He wished that he could gag Mrs. Gu.

“Shut up now!” Gu Zhenkang shouted at Mrs. Gu and threw a glare. “Mrs. Gu! I will talk to you about this when I am done.”

When he finished speaking… Gu Zhenkang went to the group.

He threw an apologetic look at DeFu, but said nothing more.

He went to Gu Ruxue and said, “Ruxue, there are many good yards at the Gu Family, and you can move into whichever one you want. Your sister wants to live here, and she is the Elder Miss so she should have the say about it, you are the younger sister anyway, right? And she is the Phoenix Girl, so we can’t mistreat her when she lives with us.”


“You can give the yard to her. You are married and need to live at the Crown Prince’s Mansion anyway.”


“You and your mother should move to another yard, since those from the court are dealing with the yard here,” Gu Zhenkang said, trying to sound reasonable.

Ruxue should understand it. She should just bend down a little at the moment for something better.

That was not a big deal, but Gu Ruxue did not like this idea.

Gu Chaoyan might be the Phoenix Girl, but Gu Ruxue was the Crown Prince Consort, the future Queen! She should be a more noble person in terms of identity.

“No, father. I have been living here for years, and you gave this to me as a birthday present. I can’t just move away like this. Father, I am cherishing your present, and she can live in any other yard she wants in the mansion, just not this one. There are better yards in the mansion than Begonia Yard!” Gu Ruxue said, trying to sound defeated.

It was a settled fact that Gu Chaoyan was returning, but she needed to guard her own yard, so that she could still be better than Gu Chaoyan in this aspect.

Gu Zhenkang believed that this was reasonable too. He turned to Gu Chaoyan.

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