Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 4 - The Wrong Child

Chapter 4: The Wrong Child

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Dr. Cheng gave a few more instructions before leaving with the other medical staff, leaving Nurse Han alone to examine Lin Yun’s wound.

Lin Yun lay on the bed, reminiscing about her past self. At this moment, four years ago, she was also lying on the bed, waiting expectantly for her family to visit her.

However, she did not know that at that time, the Lin family already knew that she was not their biological daughter and was searching the world for their legitimate child.

After staying in the hospital for a month, she returned home and realized that the Lin family had another daughter!

Furthermore, she was the legitimate daughter of the Lin family!

And she had become the wrong child…

Lin Yun still remembered that when she dragged her injured leg home, she saw her parents chatting happily with a girl of her age in the living room.

Their intimate attitude surprised Lin Yun.

It was only when her mother, Wang Lan, looked at her with disgust and introduced the girl as their biological daughter that Lin Yun felt her world collapse.

At that time, Lin Yun was already prepared to pack her things and leave.

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To the family of the fishermen she came from.

That was her real home!

She didn’t know that the next morning, his mother would smile at her again.

She only said that the bond between mother and daughter for more than ten years could not be broken just like that.

From that moment on, she became the adopted daughter of the Lin family! And it was the beginning of Lin Yun’s miserable life!

From time to time, Wang Lan and Lin Yu would instill in Lin Yun that it was she who had deprived Lin Yu of the chance to be a rich young lady for more than ten years.

She should repay her with everything she had.

Since Lin Yu had to go to school, Lin Yun had to give her tuition to prevent her from being laughed at by her classmates.

If Lin Yu wanted to learn piano, and Lin Yun had to let Lin Yu play her favorite piano after practicing on it for more than ten years.

If Lin Yu wanted to become a genius in the music industry, Lin Yun had to place Lin Yu’s name on the works she had composed over days and nights.

Just like that, when Lin Yu mentioned that she loved Zheng Yu…

Lin Yun only struggled for a moment before deciding that she should withdraw from the engagement that didn’t belong to her!

Everything seemed natural!

She should sacrifice everything for Lin Yu!

Because she owed it to Lin Yu!

Lin Yun was recalling the ridiculous situations she had encountered in her previous life.

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The door to the ward suddenly opened from the outside.

Lin Yun turned around and saw Aunt Xu rushing in. Aunt Xu was stunned for a moment before her eyes reddened. “Missy, you’re really awake!”

She hurriedly ran to the bed and put down the bags in her hands. She looked at Lin Yun’s pale face with heartache.

“When I walked to the consultation table just now, the nurse said that you were awake. I didn’t believe her!”

As Aunt Xu spoke, a gratified smile appeared on her face.

“Alright! It’s good that you’re awake! That’s good!”

Lin Yun looked at Mrs. Xu’s agitated face and twitched her lips, but didn’t say anything.

Aunt Xu was probably the only person in the entire Lin family who would treat her sincerely!

She remembered that at that time, everyone in the Lin family treated her as the person who harmed Lin Yu. sThey treated her like a criminal!

Aunt Xu was the only one who felt sorry for her. She always thought that Lin Yun had done no wrong in being swapped at birth.

Even if her family was poor, she would definitely blossom under the love of her parents had she been with her original family.

At that time, Lin Yun didn’t understand. She only felt that Aunt Xu was always saying useless things.

After all, in Lin Yun’s eyes, the Lin family was her only home…

Recalling everything that happened back then, Lin Yun’s eyes were filled with hatred.

Just as Aunt Xu was about to ask her if she wanted to eat some fruits, she was shocked when she saw the hatred in Lin Yu’s eyes.

However, in a flash, the hatred seemed to have dissipated.

Aunt Xu knew that her eyes were blurry from old age. She had been running around on such a hot day. She must have been mistaken!

Lin Yun didn’t intend to tell her too much.

“Aunt Xu, where are my parents? Aren’t they here yet?” Lin Yun pretended not to know anything.

Aunt Xu panicked.

“Well, Master and Madam…” The apple that Aunt Xu was peeling suddenly slipped and fell to the ground.

She immediately bent down to pick it up.

Before Aunt Xu could raise her head, Lin Yun said, “I know they won’t come.”

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