Reincarnated With A Summoning System

702 702 Impressing the Ladies

Mariel smiled at his attempts to win her over, and the Laughing God adjusted his body a little bit more, reading her mind to pick out her type.

“Cut that out. I came here because you said you had many things to teach me that could help me advance to Minor Godhood.” She giggled, amused by his antics.

“When you have amassed as much knowledge as I have, almost anything can be a path to Divinity. Even that. But you’re right. I do have a technique for you that will be just right for you. It will be significantly faster than the path that you’re currently on, but that’s not saying much. Not many reach the level of a Minor God with a conventional cultivation technique. It is only the most innovative Cultivator that manages to make that transition.

Cyrene came to wrap around Cain’s waist as the two Divinities chatted, looking a bit starstruck.


“Who is looking after the Guild with you gone?” Cain asked curiously, giving the two cultivators a chance to talk with each other.

“Oh, Cid agreed to take over in case it took me an extended amount of time to return. Time passes very fast at home compared to here, so we would be gone quite a while, even if we planned to return right away.

The Guild has changed a lot in the time since you left. You would be shocked if you saw it now. We control the entire Central Continent and most of the South as well. The System upgraded us from a Guild to a Church not too long ago, likely when you reached Divinity, and the words of the Holy Guild Master have spread far and wide, now that every believer can gain the benefit of the Faith Bonus.”

“I am a holy Guild Master now, am I?” Cain laughed.

“Yep. In case you forgot, you left your Echoes behind, and they’re still linked to you. They’re free, but they can still sense what you’re doing and what has happened to you. It’s a bit like prophecy, and they knew right away when you underwent Tribulation. There were storm clouds over every Guild House that day, it was really freaky, but we could all sense you.

“So your mission is complete, is it? The Guild runs itself, and they all follow with complete devotion. But what sort of Faith Bonus can you get from a leader who isn’t there?”

The Laughing God looked over his shoulder and answered Cain’s question. “I grant the system without being there. Don’t underestimate your own powers as a World Dragon. You probably never even noticed when they drew on bits of your Divine Power for favors since they were so minor and not even in the same world.

Mostly they just get D-rank minor buffs or a [Lesser Cleanse] or something. Not enough that it would even bring your mana down a single percent.

It’s a common power of Divine Realm beings. Though your cultivation is still at Demigod status, your body is stronger than that, and they have dozens of items and a group of Echoes with your aura attached to them that can be used as Catalysts.”

Cyrene nodded happily. “You should see High Priest Victor. He really loves the black and white cleric robes. He’s made sure not to mess with the canonical history of the world, though. He tells everyone you are a blessed Disciple of the Creators, and they come to the Darklight Host for protection and good fortune with money, but go to real gods for things that relate to their own aspects.”

“It sounds like you’ve got it all figured out then,” Cain replied, patting her head to assure the Lamia that she’d done a good job.

“I think we all have. Vala and Evangeline work as law enforcement officers of a sort. They respond to complaints made to the guild about bandits attacking members and merchants. Nemu has appointed herself as Neffie’s bodyguard, but I’m quite certain that it’s just because she is the next most comfortable to sleep beside when the Demon is gone and our Elven Lovebirds are still out exploring the seas.

Even Moana finally accepted the Wave Riders’ proposal to expedite a number of vessels for them when they have important cargo.

I think the only one that’s put out by the new arrangement is the Demon King. Without anything else to distract them, the Blood Dancers have been running rampant through the Demon Kingdom looking for entertainment, and we get messages from him at least once a week asking us to use a seer to find them since they’ve found a way to hide from his oracles.”

“Somehow, I’m not surprised by that. They always were too energetic for their own good. Have they gotten so powerful that even Carnage can’t keep them under control?” Cain asked.

“Oh, not at all. Carnage has reached the very peak of Spirit Awakened. But he has a habit of disappearing with them, now that someone taught him how to disguise himself as some other type of demon.

Aggramor isn’t sure what he’s pretending to be, but anyone who saw Carnage pass by would remember it, and nobody sees him when they all go missing at the same time.” Cyrene laughed.

“It’s good that they’re all having fun.” Cain chuckled, recalling how overjoyed the summoned Carnage was to come to fight in the arenas they created in the Cultivation worlds. The Blood Dancers were his kindred spirits, and if they had all found a way to sneak out for a good fight, more power to them. They obviously weren’t causing any big issues, or someone would have said something by now.

“Before I forget, you have one last quest active in your logs, don’t you, Cain? I think the conditions should be fulfilled now unless you left one growing in one of the many young ladies you’ve met along the way. How about we start on that random reward selection?” The Laughing God asked while Mariel moved to a couch with a book he had given her to read.

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