Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 3445 - 3445 Tang Lei Wants Old Master Tang to Be Dead

3445 Tang Lei Wants Old Master Tang to Be Dead

“I’m looking for a partner, but I don’t care about her family background or appearance. The most important thing is the chemistry between us. If the person I like doesn’t like me the same way, I won’t force her to accept me. Similarly, if someone likes me but I don’t feel the same, I won’t accept her either,” Wu Wensi said, indirectly rejecting Tang Yixue.

Tang Yixue understood his implication and was upset as she realized that she had no chance with Wu Wensi. Suddenly, she didn’t know what to say.

Was it impossible for her to get together with Wu Wensi?

She really liked Wu Wensi, and felt very resentful that he didn’t feel the same way.

Tang Yixue was unwilling to give up.

She wanted to ask him directly what was wrong with her, and why he couldn’t like her the same way. However, she was too embarrassed to do so.

They went to a private room and ordered food.

Because the food wasn’t ready yet and Tang Yixue was here, they didn’t want to talk about work, so An Chenmeng suggested playing Who’s the Ruler.

Song Xinyue wasn’t interested in the game, so she didn’t join them.

Leng Xiaoyao saw that Wu Wensi didn’t like Tang Yixue, and didn’t want to leave him alone with her, otherwise Tang Yixue would continue to bother him. Therefore, she suggested that Wu Wensi and Ning Muqing join An Chenmeng’s team to play Who’s the Ruler, a game they were familiar with.

Wu Wensi and Ning Muqing were also playing the game, Who’s the Ruler, so they knew how to play it. When it came to playing games, they were also happy to join them.

Leng Xiaoyao only talked to Song Xinyue, so Tang Yixue was completely left out. No one thought there was anything wrong, because Tang Yixue asked to come herself.

Tang Yixue was mad, but couldn’t argue with them. In order to not let them see her embarrassment, she took out her phone to play on it.

When the food was ready, they stopped playing and started eating.

After eating, Tang Yixue said, “Let’s go to a club for fun! My treat.”

She was never generous even when she was happy. However, there was a man she liked, so she was willing to pay the bill.

“I’m sorry, we have other things to do.” Ning Muqing refused. They could finally get rid of Tang Yixue, so they wouldn’t go out with her again.

“What about you, Mr. Wu?” Tang Yixue looked at Wu Wensi. She didn’t really want to invite Ning Muqing and the others. She just wanted to invite Wu Wensi.

“I have something else to do too, so I can’t go.” Wu Wensi also refused. He wouldn’t go out with a woman who clearly had feelings for him.

“Fine.” Tang Yixue felt disappointed, but she didn’t want to force him to accept.

After they left the restaurant, Leng Xiaoyao and the other girls left first. Wu Wensi was planning to leave when Tang Yixue stopped him.

Tang Yixue deliberately stayed until all the other girls were gone.

“Mr. Wu, I didn’t drive here today. Can you give me a ride home?” Tang Yixue said pitifully. She actually drove herself here, but she wanted Wu Wensi to drive her home and made up an excuse.

Even the excuse about meeting a friend who canceled at the last minute was fake. In fact, she canceled on her friend after meeting Wu Wensi.

Although she knew that Wu Wensi wasn’t interested in her, she didn’t want to give up so easily.

She thought that even if Wu Wensi didn’t like her, he wouldn’t directly reject her because he was always a gentleman.

However, she was wrong.

“Sorry, I have to meet my client. I don’t have time.” Wu Wensi refused without hesitation.

He didn’t want to lead her on and make her misunderstand his intentions.

Tang Yixue couldn’t accept the expected answer and confessed. “Wensi, I like you.”

Wu Wensi was surprised that Tang Yixue didn’t take his previous rejection seriously and confessed directly.

“Thank you for your liking, but I don’t like you.” Wu Wensi refused at once.

His answer wasn’t surprising, but Tang Yixue still couldn’t accept it and asked, “Why? What’s so bad with me?”

Tang Yixue was beautiful, well-educated, and sexy, but she was also selfish and only cared about herself. She would do anything to destroy what she couldn’t have.

“There’s nothing wrong with you, Miss Tang. As I said earlier, I’m looking for someone who I have chemistry with and who likes me the same way. If someone I like doesn’t like me, I won’t force her to accept me. Similarly, if someone likes me but I don’t feel the same way, I won’t accept her either. So please respect yourself,” Wu Wensi said before driving away. Tang Yixue was left fuming in place.

Leng Xiaoyao dropped off An Chenmeng and the others at school before heading home.

Around 10 pm, Leng Xiaoyao received a call from Li Mochen. He said that he would return to the capital city tomorrow morning and had something to give her.

As for what it was, Li Mochen didn’t tell her, and Leng Xiaoyao didn’t ask.

“Oh, by the way, can you help me find a bodyguard? The day before yesterday…” Leng Xiaoyao told Li Mochen what had happened to Tang Ning that day.

“No problem, I’ll handle it,” Li Mochen said.

The next morning, before Leng Xiaoyao went out, the bodyguard had already arrived. Leng Xiaoyao gave him some instructions and asked him to get to know Feng Dongcheng, Tang Xing, and Tang Ning, and exchange phone numbers with one another.

Leng Xiaoyao could finally be relieved.

At noon, Tang Lei came to the hospital to see Old Master Tang.

He didn’t want to come, but since he was playing a role, he had to do the whole act. When he had time, he would come and take a look.

Tang Lei looked at Old Master Tang lying on the hospital bed with cold eyes, without any emotion other than resentment.

“Dad, you’ve been lying here for three years. Why don’t you just die!”

Tang Lei really wanted Old Master Tang to die, but he didn’t dare to do it himself. He hoped that Old Master Tang would die on his own so that even if his uncle investigated, he wouldn’t find anything on him.

“If you die, everything will be over.”

“I killed your son and daughter-in-law several years ago.”

“If you can’t bear to part with your grandchildren, when there’s a chance, I’ll let them meet you too.”

“I have to say that your grandchildren are lucky. They were beggars for three years, but they were taken in by kind people.”

“I originally sent some people to catch them but failed.”

Tang Lei thought that no one could hear what he said, so he dared to be honest.

Little did he know that although Old Master Tang hadn’t woken up yet, he had regained some consciousness and could hear what Tang Lei said. He was so angry that his whole soul was trembling.

Not only did Old Master Tang hear it, the people who were assigned by Li Mochen to protect and watch Old Master Tang also heard and even saw it.

They had installed a pinhole camera in Old Master Tang’s room and were in the next ward.

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