Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 3446 - 3446 Old Master Tang Wakes up

3446 Old Master Tang Wakes up

Perhaps because Tang Lei’s words angered Old Master Tang, Old Master Tang’s fingers finally moved, which scared Tang Lei.

Damn it, this old man had a reaction. Did that mean that he was going to wake up?

Tang Lei didn’t alert the doctor because he didn’t want Old Master Tang to wake up. He immediately made a phone call to have someone bring medicine that would prevent Old Master Tang from waking up and planned to inject it into him.

Leng Xiaoyao’s people who saw all of that immediately called her. Because it was lunch break, Leng Xiaoyao answered the call quickly.

After learning about the situation at the hospital, she was angry but also quite happy.

She was angry that Tang Lei was trying to harm Old Master Tang. She was happy because Old Master Tang’s fingers moved, which meant that he was close to waking up.

Leng Xiaoyao immediately asked for leave from her head teacher and said that her grandfather had some medical issues that she needed to deal with right away.

Her head teacher was considerate and allowed her to go.

Before Leng Xiaoyao arrived, Tang Lei’s requested items arrived. However, when the person entered Old Master Tang’s ward, the man sent over by Li Mochen followed along, disguised as a doctor in a white coat.

Tang Lei and his secretary were surprised to see the doctor follow them in.

“I’m here to check on the patient. The patient’s condition has been improving recently. There is a high chance that he’ll wake up soon,” the fake doctor said. Since Tang Lei had already noticed that Old Master Tang’s fingers moved, he mentioned it straightforwardly.

Tang Lei was taken aback and was secretly angry. However, he put on a happy face and said, “There’s a high chance that he’ll wake up soon? Really?”

Now that the doctor had said that, he could no longer harm Old Master Tang. If he did anything at this moment, he would be caught.

“Yeah! So now we are paying close attention to him. As soon as he wakes up, we’ll notify his family,” the fake doctor said.

“That’s great…” Tang Lei said with a happy expression, but his smile was uglier than crying.

There was no chance to take action, so Tang Lei left. However, he wouldn’t allow Old Master Tang to wake up.

Tang Lei bet that Old Master Tang wouldn’t wake up so quickly, so he would go find a reliable person to pretend to be a nurse and inject medicine into Old Master Tang after he left.

Shortly after Tang Lei left, Leng Xiaoyao came.

As soon as Leng Xiaoyao arrived, she immediately used her magical senses to check Old Master Tang’s body and found that there was no problem with it. However, he still hadn’t woken up.

She then poured magical power into his body and talked to him because she knew that Old Master Tang could hear people talking to him now.

“Grandpa, I’m your granddaughter. I’m Tang Yue’s daughter, Leng Xiaoyao. I’m 19 years old this year and a freshman at the Capital University. I also got the highest score in the liberal arts category in this year’s college entrance examination!”

“I always thought that my mother was an orphan until I met Tang Xing and Tang Ning a few days ago. I found out that my mother wasn’t an orphan and that she had a father.”

“Unfortunately, my mother died young, and my father died with her when I was young. Grandpa Changyuan and Uncle Yecheng raised me afterwards, and they were both very nice to me.”

“Do you know Tang Lei turned you into a vegetable to steal the Tang family’s assets? He then framed Uncle Tang Heng and said that he was the one who harmed you. Uncle Tang Heng was driven out of the Tang family and had to live in the old house. Not only that, but Tang Lei also had someone burn down the old house. Uncle Tang Heng and Aunt Tang both died in the fire, leaving behind Tang Xing and Tang Ning.”

“For the past few years, they had been living like beggars and were often bullied. Tang Ning almost died of illness and would have if they didn’t meet me.”

“I have adopted Tang Xing and Tang Ning now, so you don’t have to worry, but you need to wake up quickly! We need to expose Tang Lei’s true face and take back what belongs to Tang Xing and Tang Ning.”

“Tang Lei was treated well by the Tang family as an adopted son, but he has no gratitude and has turned against the Tang family.”

“I already have some evidence of his crimes, but we need you to wake up before we can handle the situation with the Tang family. You have great prestige in the Tang family’s company, so if I handle it myself, they won’t accept it.”

“Actually, I suspect that both my mother’s disappearance and my uncle’s death are related to Tang Lei, but it’s just a suspicion. I haven’t found any evidence yet because it has been more than twenty years since those accidents happened.”


Old Master Tang listened to what she said and was emotional, disappointed, and angry.

He was emotional because he finally had news about his daughter. He was disappointed because she had already passed away, but he was also relieved that she left behind a granddaughter who was talented.

His granddaughter was outstanding, having been admitted to the Capital University with the highest score in the national liberal arts exam.

However, Tang Lei’s mistreatment of Tang Heng, Tang Xing, and Tang Ning made him angry, even though he had just heard Tang Lei’s confession.

He was grateful that Tang Xing and Tang Ning had met Leng Xiaoyao, or he couldn’t imagine what would have happened…

Old Master Tang struggled to wake up.

Finally, he opened his eyes.

“Grandpa, you’re awake…” Leng Xiaoyao was delighted to see Old Master Tang wake up.

Old Master Tang looked at Leng Xiaoyao in a daze and exclaimed with joy. “Y-You are Yueyue’s daughter…”

Thanks to the nourishment of Leng Xiaoyao’s magical power recently, Old Master Tang’s physical condition and mental state were both excellent. Even though he just woken up, his body wasn’t weak, and he could talk without any difficulties

“Yes, I’m Tang Yue’s daughter, your granddaughter,” Leng Xiaoyao said with a smile.

Old Master Tang stared at Leng Xiaoyao. He did see some resemblance between her and Tang Yue.

He also felt a sense of intimacy when facing Leng Xiaoyao.

“Grandpa, did you hear what I said just now?” Leng Xiaoyao knew that Old Master Tang had heard, but still wanted to confirm it.

“I heard it all.” Old Master Tang replied. Thinking about what he had heard made him feel sad and angry. “Tang Lei is really despicable!”

Old Master Tang was really full of regret.

He didn’t regret adopting Tang Lei, but regretted treating him as his own son, giving him shares in the company, letting him work in the company, and even letting him live in the Tang family’s house after he got married.

If he had known the result, he would have given him some money after he graduated from university and let him start his own business and live on his own. In that case, these tragedies wouldn’t have happened.

However, it was too late to regret…

“I heard you suspect that your mother’s and your youngest uncle’s deaths are related to Tang Lei?” Old Master Tang asked. He had never doubted it before waking up, but after learning about Tang Lei’s true face, he started to suspect it.

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