Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 29: Tianyi Entertainment, Leave the Entertainment Industry

Chapter 29: Tianyi Entertainment, Leave the Entertainment Industry

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"What kind of rubbish agency is Tianyi, to actually force Tangning to appear at such an event? The boss must be f*cken stupid!"

"I know right! If Tianyi can't plan for their artists, then let us do it. Even primary school kids could do a better job than them!"

"Tangning, Tangning, what are you endorsing next? What should I buy? Who will give me money?"

"Tangning, leave Tianyi, you deserve better."

"Tangning, we are about to cry from how cool you are..."

Seeing the internet's one-sided comments, Mo Yurou furiously threw the television remote to one side. She had never expected Tangning would use this kind of method to get on the public's good side, revolt against the agency's mistreatment as well as clarify she didn't want to be involved with an unreliable product. Mo Yurou gave a "hmph". She was beginning to hate this uncontrollable Tangning more and more!

Most important of all, Tangning actually announced she would be making a comeback?

An outdated model actually announced her comeback in such a high-profile way?

Mo Yurou laughed uncontrollably. As long as Tangning was still at Tianyi, she was not going to let it happen. She could lose what she owned, but other people should not dream of gaining it.

At this moment, Han Yufan who was still recovering from being shocked, opened the door and entered the office. Upon seeing Mo Yurou sitting on the office chair, he threw off his suit jacket, placed his hands on his hips and walked over to stand by the floor-to-ceiling window. His disappointment in Tangning had reached it's limit.

"Yufan, why aren't you working on a public statement to clarify the situation? Tangning has already thrown all the blame on us. How dare she say that she's thankful the agency organized for her to attend an event she didn't know about?"

Tangning indeed did not know and she was indeed treated with disrespect, however, Mo Yurou didn't consider these points. All she cared about, was seizing opportunities to step on Tangning whenever she could - there was no way she would hold back, "Yufan, release a public statement! Tell everyone, for the sake of making money, Tangning organized this collaboration and it has nothing to do with the agency."

Han Yufan was angrier than ever. Because of Tangning, the agency's reputation had been blackened like ash. So, he immediately gathered his PR team together to write out an emotional public statement.

The statement reiterated that the event was not something forced by the agency - it was all something Tangning wanted to do herself. They were obviously hinting that Tangning had lied!

It also mentioned, the company would be applying the maximum penalty on Tangning. After all, Tanging had defamed the company and messed up the event. They ridiculed her for losing her fame yet always using the company to cover for her and that, in reality, most of the time it was all things she did on her own.

With this kind of statement, everyone could tell, Tianyi Entertainment was going to freeze Tangning. It also suggested their relationship with Tangning had gone separate ways...

Not only this, Han Yufan also arranged for some of his staff to step out and accept interviews.

"Oh, you guys are talking about Tangning? There's not much I can say about her, I can just say nothing is as it appears - she's extremely two-faced!"

"To be honest, I think the company is innocent because everyone in the company knows Tangning lied."

"I have no comments. I support Tianyi Entertainment. For the sake of moving up, what would a model not do?"

These 3 responses came respectively from a low-level employee, a high-level employee and a successful person in the entertainment industry who had strong ties with the company. It seemed they were determined to place the blame on Tangning - not allowing her to retaliate. As for Tangning, who never liked to respond to scandals: she let the company insult her however they wanted without stepping out to explain at all.

Unfortunately, Han Yufan had completely underestimated Tangning's announcement about boycotting the cheap product. Even though some people were fooled by him, Tangning's popularity had long surpassed what she had previously.

She was like a big mountain, using whatever method she could to quickly rise above everyone.

Just as Tianyi Entertainment were spreading rumors about Tangning, Tangning released the evidence she had prepared - it was time to embarrass the agency. An authoritative online media source suddenly released a few voice recordings. People who listened to them realized Tianyi Entertainment was a cold-hearted organization!

Freezing Tangning on purpose was already bad enough, they even organized for her to attend such a cheap event.

Forcing Tangning to be a substitute, accepting all the blame and taking on the humiliation from the netizens - yet Tianyi Entertainment didn't stop!

The thing that made everyone most surprised, was the voice that was giving orders not to allow Tangning to take on any jobs. The netizens recognized the voice; it was the mistress model, Mo Yurou...

The netizens seemed to have understood everything...

However, there were a few people that questioned where the recordings came from. It didn't matter. An hour later...Tangning's manager, Lin Wei, opened up her email to find it was flooded with messages from different companies asking to work with Tangning. But, in the end, they were all rejected. Lin Wei sighed reflecting on what happened today; Mo Yurou was arrogant because she was favored by Han Yufan. She also oppressed other artists and messed up the smooth operation of the company...

Compared to Tianyi Entertainments empty claims, Tangning pulled out definitive evidence. This was the scandal she promised to release when announcing her comeback.

"OMG, I can't believe Han Yufan is such a jerk!"

"Already at the brink of death and he still wants to make Tangning into a scapegoat."

"How can Tianyi entertainment be so horrible? It's bad enough that they are harsh to their models, how could they use Tangning and then try to dispose of her afterward? Throwing their own model under the bus - I've never seen such a shameless entertainment agency."

"What about the staff that stood out to speak on behalf of Tianyi this morning? They must have received a huge slap to the face. The whole company gathered together to bully one woman!"

"Tianyi Entertainment, leave the entertainment industry!"

This time, after the evidence was released, Tangning didn't have to say anything. Who was wrong and who was right, was clear to see.

Tianyi Entertainment and Mo Yurou were one step closer to death, whereas Tangning's popularity during this incident...once again, multiplied by an unimaginable amount!

All kinds of advertisers started to contact Tianyi to cancel their contracts, even Tianyi's other models were being affected as all current endorsements were placed on hold. Han Yufan saw the overwhelming amount of comments online - he knew there was no turning back this time. After thinking carefully, he finally picked up the phone to call Tangning, "Tangning, do you really want me to die? Will you only be satisfied after I'm destroyed?"

Tangning sat at home, pleased with the news, "My lawyer is already on his way...Han Yufan, it's time to clarify our contract..."

"Tangning, you can't do this! If you do this, Tianyi will be completely destroyed!" Han Yufan was finally anxious.

"In comparison to what you and Mo Yurou have done to me, I've only returned 1% to you. Han Yufan. As long as you send Mo Yurou out of Tianyi Entertainment, I might consider...showing you mercy," Tangning said calmly into the phone.

"Is this your aim?" Han Yufan was going mad, "Let me tell you, I will fight with you to the end!"

"Let's see you try..." After Tangning was done, she hung up the phone. Even though her popularity was once again growing, it didn't mean Mo Yurou didn't still have a chance - the show had just started.

On the way home, Mo Ting looked at today's headlines - he was impressed with what he saw. Even Lu Che was praising Tangning endlessly, "The madam is sure amazing!"

"In a moment, stop the car to buy a bunch of flowers. I want to congratulate her on her comeback," Mo Ting instructed, "I want red roses..."

"Understood, president..." Lu Che nodded - amongst such a happy atmosphere, he was going to hide a Durex in the bunch of red roses!

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