Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 30: Sharing the Stage with Mo Yurou

Chapter 30: Sharing the Stage with Mo Yurou

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After Tangning released the scandal, Tianyi and Mo Yurou were forced to withstand the worst judgment they had ever experienced from the outside world. This was the biggest crisis faced by Han Yufan since he first established Tianyi. So his disgust and hatred towards Tangning was not simply a passing thought.

The higher-ups in the company immediately called for an emergency meeting. Han Yufan even called his sister, who was living overseas, for help.

"Yufan, I've already seen the news. Tangning has solid evidence. In regards to this incident, you didn't keep things hidden enough, that's why you allowed others to find evidence against you. But, don't be too obsessed with what's happened, you need to learn how to size up the situation. You need to make it clear, you are the boss of the company. No matter how popular Tangning is, she is just a model. Her fate is in your hands."

"Then Jie (older sister), what should I do now?" Han Yufan's mind was in a mess because of Tangning and Mo Yurou.

"First of all, release a public statement with a sincere apology. State that you will treat Tangning respectfully from now on to appease the angry netizens. Also, support Tangning."

"But...there's no way Yurou will agree," Han Yufan's head was hurting.

"I didn't tell you to give up on Mo Yurou. I currently have a deal with an international magazine, we are still missing two Asian models. Arrange for Tangning and Mo Yurou to attend the shoot together. This will prove their relationship isn't as bad as it seems. Plus, having them together will get discussions going. Although, this magazine isn't one of the highest ranked, but at least it is a step into the international limelight, this will be beneficial towards Mo Yurou's chances at the Top Ten Model Awards. This way, we are using Tangning's popularity to boost Yurou. Yufan, remember, a crisis is also a turning point, as long as you take advantage of this, Tianyi's fame will continue to rise."

After hearing Han Ruoxue's reminder, Han Yufan was immediately enlightened. Older people were indeed wiser, "Jie, I understand."

"After being with you for so many years, for Tangning to suddenly do so many things against you, you must have taken things too far. If you want to cheat, I will not judge - there aren't many pure-hearted people in the entertainment industry. I also do not expect you to be honest, but, why did you let Tangning find out? If you weren't my younger brother and if Mo Yurou didn't have your child inside her, I would leave you to fend for yourself," Han Ruoxue warned. "This is the perfect chance - let them share a stage, let them lower each other's spirits. Mo Yurou is so arrogant and domineering because of the way you spoil her."

"Jie...she is carrying a child, I'm just worried she will receive too much stimulation."

"Also, Xin Er is ready for the kidney transplant. Previously, Tangning was the only one that was a perfect match. After your scolding, would she still be willing to donate her kidney to our Xin Er?"

Han Yufan was startled, he had almost forgotten about this. The Han family had 3 children: the oldest was Han Ruoxue who was a famous top-tier manager. 3 years ago she was scouted by an international company and had been living in America ever since. Han Yufan was the second oldest and was introduced into the entertainment industry by his sister. The youngest was Han Xin Er, because of a bad kidney plus young age, Xin Er was often at the hospital for treatment.

"Jie, no matter what happens between Tangning and I, since she has promised to save Xin Er, I will not give her a chance to change her mind."

Han Ruoxue gave two grunts of approval before hanging up the phone. She was both angry and felt helpless towards this brother.

Afterwards, Han Yufan instructed his team to release a statement admitting to treating Tangning harshly. The statement also stated they would genuinely try to make amends and will treat Tangning well from now on. They ended with a plea for Tangning and her fans to give Tianyi one more chance.

At the same time, Tianyi announced they had been invited by the international magazine: Secret, to allow Tangning and Mo Yurou to attend their shoot.

As soon as this was announced, the public was once again outraged, just like Han Ruoxue predicted. The two models were obviously enemies who previously fought over the same man. They were rivals, but, Han Yufan actually placed the two of them together?

Dear god...

Even though Tangning's popularity was once again on the rise, it didn't hide the fact that she had previously been a substitute for Mo Yurou...

On the other hand, although things had run smoothly for Mo Yurou in the past, in the end, she was just a B-Grade model. No matter what she did, she couldn't get to the top...

Fans from both sides started arguing; was Tangning more professional or was Mo Yurou more pleasing to the eye?

This was how the entertainment industry was like; the spotlight often changed. Of course, all Tangning wanted to do was avoid Tianyi's sneaky slandering by placing herself out in the open, at the same time preventing Mo Yurou from interfering. Now that Han Yufan had placed her on the same level as Mo Yurou, she reached her aim.

"Tangning, will you accept this job?" Lin Wei questioned over the phone. The fact that Han Yufan acted like he cared about Tangning and organized an international magazine job for her, if she was to reject, it would make her seem petty, "Even though Han Yufan never asked for your opinion, if you don't want to do it, we can think of something."

"I'll accept it!" Tangning replied straightforwardly.

"OK, I understand. It's good that you are sharing the stage with Mo Yurou. The public will have the opportunity to see Mo Yurou perform. They will discover, she at most, can only be your backdrop!" Lin Wei responded, "Tomorrow morning, the company will have a discussion. I will first go pick up Long Jie and then I'll come get you."

"OK," Tangning nodded. Lin Wei seemed to be getting used to things.

Tangning hung up the phone and continued to be a cook in the kitchen. Even though Mo Ting didn't allow her...she never considered herself to be delicate; cooking for her husband was her right!

After returning home, Mo Ting found Tangning busy in the kitchen. Approaching her from behind, he lifted her off her feet and placed her atop the kitchen bench, trapping her between his arms, "You know what the consequences are for not listening to me?"

Tangning hooked her arms around Mo Ting's neck as she swung her legs, "Don't tell will 'eat' me?"

"You don't know how to be afraid..." Mo Ting evaluated. He stretched out his arms, carried her towards the living room and placed her on the sofa, "Today is the day of your comeback, so leave dinner to me."

Tangning nodded her head as she removed the apron from her body and placed it on Mo Ting.

Mo Ting was tall and his body was built. When he wore business shirts and the soft material hung to his chest, his slightly hidden abdominal muscles made it difficult for Tangning to take her eyes off him.

Afterwards, all that could be seen was a man chopping - calm and capable. He treated his ingredients like he treated life, quick, efficient and clean - not leaving a mess.

This poised man was like a piece of art.

Tangning tried to hide her fluttering heart as she headed to the bedroom. She discovered, atop their bed, a bunch of red roses.

Tangning excitedly placed the flowers in her hand as she leaned in to smell the lovely fragrance. However, she noticed a small package amongst the flowers. She curiously took it out to have a closer look...her face suddenly turned bright red.

Did Mo Ting, want to have her tonight?

Then, was she meant to know about the existence of this Durex or was she to pretend she didn't see a thing?

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