Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 33: Lin Wei

Chapter 33: Lin Wei

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After chatting to Lin Wei and Long Jie, Tangning remembered Mo Ting had previously asked her to report to him immediately after she found out her itinerary. So, Tangning promptly forwarded the details to him. Even though she didn’t know what he had planned, she knew, Mo Ting wasn’t going to hurt her.

After seeing Tangning’s itinerary, Mo Ting asked Lu Che to find out Tangning’s flight number straight away. He then walked over to Hai Rui’s giant floor-to-ceiling window and gave Tangning a call, "Ning…"

"Uh?" Tangning gave a simple reply as she lowered her head; Lin Wei was still in the car and she couldn’t completely trust her yet, so she had to be careful. Upon hearing Mo Ting calling her 'Ning', she felt a gush of warmth.

"I have asked Lu Che to upgrade your economy class tickets to first class, will that cause you any inconvenience?" Mo Ting had to make sure because he was afraid it might affect Tangning – what if she had something planned?

"Of course not," Tangning understood why Mo Ting had asked and was touched by his consideration.

Originally, she was supposed to sit in the same row as Mo Yurou and Han Yufan on the plane tomorrow, but she could already imagine Mo Yurou wasn’t going to just sit quietly. With Mo Ting’s arrangements, she could now rest peacefully on the plane. However, was she the only one that got the upgrade? What about Lin Wei and Long Jie…

"In that case, let’s chat about it when you get home."

"Wait…" Tangning called out quickly.

Mo Ting could sense the hesitation in her voice and could also tell it wasn’t convenient for her to talk, so he responded, "If it’s inconvenient to talk, send me a message instead."

"OK," Tangning nodded as she hung up the phone. Immediately afterwards, she messaged him her concerns. She told him she couldn’t completely trust Lin Wei, but since Lin Wei had decided to follow her, she couldn’t treat her differently to Long Jie in case it would make her disheartened.

Mo Ting read her concerns as the corners of his lips curved to an attractive angle. Even though Tangning’s thoughts were comprehensive, she still lacked the ability to look at a situation as a whole. Mo Ting completely made up for Tangning’s weaknesses, that’s why the couple matched so well – he was the one capable of pointing her in the right direction as well as helping her make decisions.

"Relax and take a gamble. Even though Long Jie is loyal, there is a limit to her abilities. On the other hand, although Lin Wei has a lot of faults, she still has a history of managing some very famous artists – she is more capable than Long Jie in all aspects. Don’t forget, we have everything about Lin Wei in the palm of our hands. Even if we lose our bet, the worst that could happen is that we gain nothing."

"I understand, hubby…" Tangning saw Mo Ting’s reply and immediately calmed down as she relaxed her entire body.

"I’ve already upgraded for the both of them, don’t worry…"

Tangning knew all along, her husband was like a king who had full grasp of how to use his power. How could he have not already considered this small matter?

Late at night, under the lighting of the beautifully lit bedroom, Han Yufan was packing his luggage. Mo Yurou approached him from behind and wrapped her arms around his body. She spoke with an extremely soft and gentle voice, it was like she was a different person to the one in the meeting room earlier in the day, "Sorry, Yufan, I was wrong at the meeting today, I wasn’t considerate towards you."

"It’s OK, we’ve been together for so many years now, don’t you think I’m already used to your temper? Think about it, if I didn’t care about you or worry about you and our child, would I need to personally go to the US?" Han Yufan put his luggage away and turned around to look at Mo Yurou, "From now on, you need to control your temper and stop fighting with Tangning, in case you hurt yourself."

"But, I can’t help being worried…worried that you and her might rekindle your love!"

"What are you talking about? You obviously know that you’re the one I love, stop thinking too much. We still have a long future ahead of us, let’s not let this sl*t bother us." Han Yufan comforted Mo Yurou, "You are currently pregnant, you should maintain a good mood."

"In that case, tomorrow on the plane, you aren’t allowed to take even one glance at Tangning. You are only allowed to be nice to me," Mo Yurou demanded in a spoilt manner. At the same time, her body was rubbing against Han Yufan’s – inside, she knew, all men loved stuff like this.

"Fine, as you wish," Han Yufan responded, carrying her horizontally in his arms as he walked towards the bathroom.

With Han Yufan’s promise, this trip to America, Mo Yurou was going to prove to Tangning who Han Yufan truly loved. She was going to make Tangning understand, even if she was to make a comeback and become famous, there was no way she would be able to win back Han Yufan’s heart. Han Yufan and Tianyi Entertainment were both hers, and Tangning didn’t stand a chance...

However, did Tangning even care about all this?

Meanwhile, under similar lighting conditions, Tangning was packing her luggage inside her wardrobe. However, she noticed Mo Ting had also prepared some luggage in his wardrobe. So, out of curiosity, she headed into the study room to question him, "Mo Ting, do you also have to fly out for business?"

"Yep, my flight is tomorrow," Mo Ting nodded but he looked extremely busy.

Tangning was afraid she would interfere with his work, so she stopped asking further, thinking Mo Ting would eventually explain to her when it was time to go to bed. However, it seemed, Mo Ting ended up working through the night and leaving for work early in the morning. Tangning looked at the note he left for her and assumed he had something urgent to deal with at work. She decided she would report to him after she landed on US soil - she did not doubt his whereabouts whatsoever.

Nice and early, Lin Wei was waiting outside the gates of Hyatt Regency. Seeing Tangning hadn't mentioned her relationship with Mo Ting to Lin Wei, Long Jie decided to stay quiet; she just promptly helped Tangning load her luggage into the boot of the car. The three quickly arrived at the airport to meet up with Han Yufan and the others.

Because it was still early, there weren’t many people at the airport. Without any cares, Han Yufan and Mo Yurou held hands in front of Tangning. Mo Yurou looked provokingly at Tangning, making Long Jie so annoyed she wanted to throw a slap across her face.

"Long Jie, go and collect our boarding passes," Han Yufan ordered.

"Why do I have to go?" Long Jie knew in her heart, she was at odds with Han Yufan, so he was deliberately causing trouble for her and Lin Wei.

"Long Jie, go ahead…" Tangning said as she gave Long Jie a look. Long Jie was stunned for a moment, before she understood, "OK, wait here, I’ll be right back."

Mo Yurou and her assistant glanced at each other. Looks like they had someone to handle their luggage over the next few days…

However, never would they have imagined, when Long Jie returned…she had only collected 3 boarding passes.

"Long Jie, what is the meaning of this?" Mo Yurou questioned.

"I am Tangning’s assistant. I’m sorry, but my salary comes from Tangning, not from Tianyi Entertainment, so…why do I need to collect for you? Don’t you have your own assistant?" Long Jie reasoned, making Mo Yurou and her assistant so angry they gritted their teeth.

Han Yufan looked at Tangning, but Tangning pretended not to see him as she put on her sunglasses and turned away.

Mo Yurou glared at Tangning, There's more jealousy coming your way once we board the plane, just wait and see…

8:20am. The boarding time had arrived. Because Tangning had come across a few fans that recognized her asking for autographs, she was delayed by a few minutes. Han Yufan and Mo Yurou boarded the plane first, while Tangning fell behind. The three of them were originally meant to sit in the same row, but...

…while Mo Yurou wrapped her arms around Han Yufan, waiting to see Tangning’s reaction, she noticed Tangning walk right past them. So, Mo Yurou kindly reminded her, "Tangning, your seat is here."

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