Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 34: She Would Sell Me Out

Chapter 34: She Would Sell Me Out

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Tangning took one look at the two, calmly turned around and simply said, "I am in First Class."

Long Jie, who was following closely behind Tangning, burst out laughing. She then waved the boarding pass in her hand as she spoke, "I’m sorry, we are also in First Class. Enjoy your time in Economy…"

Lin Wei had only just realized she’d been upgraded after boarding the plane. Looking at Mo Yurou’s confused expression, she felt extremely satisfied. This was the first time, as an artist’s manager, she was being treated better than the agency’s CEO!

Mo Yurou watched as the trio entered the First Class Cabin before turning to Han Yufan suspiciously, "What is all this? Didn’t they say First Class was sold out? Was Tangning’s ticket booked by the agency?"

"I also don’t know what’s happening," Han Yufan responded frustratedly.

"I’m so angry!" Mo Yurou had planned to make Tangning watch her and Han Yufan being affectionate, who would have thought, she would end up going to First Class.

Tangning also thought the First Class Cabin would be full, however, as the three of them walked in, she realized, apart from them, there were no other passengers.

"Tangning, that jerk and tramp won’t also end up being upgraded here, will they?" Although the First Class Cabin was separated by a sliding door, it was clear to see, there were no other passengers, so Long Jie was a little worried.

"Miss, you can be rest assured. In order not to disturb Miss Tang from resting, Mr. Mo has already booked out the entire First Class Cabin, no other passengers will be allowed in," the air-hostess explained to Long Jie.

After hearing from the air-hostess, Long Jie held onto her head - it felt like it was about to explode...

"Tangning, you have such a good life!"

Lin Wei had a confused expression on her face the entire time. Just as she was about to ask what was happening, out from the plane’s private bathroom, stepped a respectable man in a brown suit. He had a calm expression on his extremely handsome face. Upon his right ear was a distinctive black mole, which resembled a sparkling black diamond.

Dear god…this was the CEO of Hai Rui Entertainment! A Legend in the Entertainment Industry!

Lin Wei was dumbfounded, never would she have imagined, she would see Mo Ting under these circumstances.

What confused her even more, was Tangning’s reaction upon seeing Mo Ting; there was no sense of unfamiliarity, instead she was pleasantly surprised, "Mr. Mo, can you please explain why you disappeared without a word early this morning and then suddenly appeared here?"

"Mrs. Mo, it seems you don’t want to see me?" Mo Ting casually took her bag out of her hands, like a gentleman.

"It’s not that I don’t want to see you, I’m just a little shocked…President Mo seems to be good at finding different ways to place himself before me," Tangning affectionately hooked her arms around Mo Ting’s as they entered a small room and closed the door.

"They…" Lin Wei felt her brain had disconnected. At this moment, it was completely blank.

"Tangning mustn’t have officially introduced him to you?" Long Jie raised her eyebrows towards Lin Wei, "The CEO of Hai Rui Entertainment, the big boss of the Entertainment Industry, is Tangning’s husband. When I first found out, I was even more shocked than you."

"They…when did they get married?" Lin Wei questioned.

"On the day that Tangning was to marry Han Yufan, Han Yufan and Mo Yurou were cheating behind her back. Tangning suffered a heavy blow, so…she married herself off. Now it’s clear to see, she married the right person. However, their marriage was rushed, no one knows about it." Speaking up to this point, Long Jie decided to remind Lin Wei of a few things.

"Since Tangning let you know about this without holding back, it must mean she acknowledges your skills. As you can see, although Tangning has married Mo Ting, she has never considered relying solely on him - all along, she has been depending on her own ability. Lin Wei, Tangning is a gem, sooner or later she will be standing at the pinnacle of the modeling world, so…you should be able to distinguish between what you should and shouldn’t do."

Lin Wei sighed. She had completely lost to Tangning.

Tangning had given her the sweetest candy by allowing her to know her secret, but at the same time, she had given her a slap across the face in advance – even if Tangning did not rely on Mo Ting, Mo Ting was still her husband. No husband would watch their wife being bullied. So, there was no way she was going to betray Tangning.

A thought suddenly crossed Lin Wei's mind...

Long Jie could relate…

"At this time, you must be thinking; the jerk and tramp outside are f*cken stupid, right?" Long Jie rolled her eyes, "You know how everytime Mo Yurou pulls the 'don’t fight with me, you are no match for me' look? I am so tempted to tell her not to be stupid!"

Lin Wei nodded her head in agreement. This was exactly how she felt right now, in fact, she felt this with passion!

Apart from being blind for a few years, Tangning could be considered to be in the highest level of EQ and IQ within the industry. However, who would have thought, at home, she had someone who was on the level of a king. How could cheap people like Han Yufan and Mo Yurou compare?

How many more surprises did Tangning have hidden that was yet to be revealed? Just like that, she married Mo Ting. If Lin Wei was in her position, after having met a dozen jerks in the past, she too would have been willing!

Because of Mo Ting's presence, Lin Wei and Long Jie felt they were exceptionally tinier than usual. Lin Wei even needed to find a peaceful spot to sit down and process everything she had just witnessed.

Inside the private room. Tangning lay on top of Mo Ting's body. She had never expected, Mo Ting would wrap himself up to be delivered right into her hands.

"Are you surprised?" Mo Ting asked as he gently touched Tangning's back.

"Uh huh." Tangning was in deep thought, but her heart felt extremely warm because she knew how busy Mo Ting was, "Ting, you didn't have to do this, I can take care of myself."

"We are newlyweds, we shouldn't be, I like giving you surprises. Of course, the way you called me just now...I like it even more, can you say it again?" Mo Ting hooked his hand under her jaw as he made his request.

"Ting..." Tangning repeated. With this, Mo Ting's kiss landed passionately on her lips.

"I also like to kiss you..."

It was easy to lose one's breath on board a plane, so, it wasn't long before Mo Ting released Tangning and embraced her in his arms, "Sleep. Once you arrive in the US, you will be very busy."

"What about you? Are you going there just to accompany me?" Tangning asked as she turned her head towards Mo Ting.

"If only...Hai Rui has many subsidiaries in the States, even if I was to simply inspect each one, it would take me a week." In reality, the most important thing was to purchase insurance for Tangning's legs, "I have property in the US. If you can manage to think of an excuse to come live with me, that would be ideal..."

"Over at Tianyi, I'm afraid things are a bit difficult. Han Yufan's older sister, Han Ruoxue, is relatively sinister," Tangning replied. "Even though my relationship with her was pretty good before, in the end, she is still Han Yufan's sister. If Han Yufan was to ask, she would sell me out to become a backdrop for Mo Yurou."

"But, you don't appear to be afraid at all..." Mo Ting had faith in his little wife.

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