Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 35: Han Ruoxue's Bullying

Chapter 35: Han Ruoxue's Bullying

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"Because I am no longer the Tangning that allowed others to bully her. Plus, I have you now," Tangning replied calmly, showing a sense of confidence.

"If it was not because we are on board the plane right now...I would kiss you until you can no longer breathe," Mo Ting tried to maintain his patience as he held back his urge to kiss her. Instead, he embraced her tightly as he enjoyed the unique fragrance emanating from her body.

Meanwhile, Mo Yurou's assistant was trying to find out what Tangning was doing in First Class, however, he was blocked by the air-hostess and ended up being stuck on the outside - without any chance of entering.

After a 12-hour long flight, the plane finally landed at 9am local time. Han Yufan's older sister, Han Ruoxue, was waiting at arrivals. Upon seeing them, she excitedly gave them all a hug - even Tangning.

Even though his sister had an oriental-looking face, she was tall like a westerner. The clothes on her body were all limited designs - the only ones in the world!

Unfortunately, she had one fault, which was her common look, otherwise, she could have pursued a career as an entertainer. Her only saving grace was that she had a good eye for talent; although her artists weren't extremely famous, they were still very influential in the western market.

During the time that Tangning and Han Yufan were together, Tangning had only seen Han Ruoxue twice. Tangning did not like women that controlled others and Han Ruoxue was extremely controlling.

"Tangning, I have already heard about what happened between you and Yufan and I have already scolded him, should keep work and personal relations separate. It's not right for you to cause trouble at work for your own personal gain," Han Ruoxue critiqued Tangning in front of everyone - obviously trying to establish a hierarchy of power.

"This time, for Secret Magazine's shoot, give me some face; listen to their requests and don't make things difficult for Yufan, OK?"

After hearing Han Ruoxue's words, Long Jie's heart filled with anger. Why isn't Han Ruoxue teaching Mo Yurou a lesson instead of picking on Tangning? Does she think, by schemingly bringing Tangning here, Tangning is now in her territory and she can make her suffer as she pleases?

Tangning remained calm. She just looked at Han Ruoxue and smiled slightly. She did not lose her temper or agree to anything. Her reaction made it hard for Han Ruoxue to tell what plans she had running through her mind.

The team headed towards the exit of the airport, while at the same time, Mo Ting and a few higher-ups from one of his American subsidiary companies were exiting the arrivals hall.

Upon seeing Mo Ting, Han Ruoxue appeared to have spotted a superstar as she chased after him on her high heeled shoes. He was indeed too famous. Just like a born ruler, he was even more eye-catching than any celebrity...

"President Mo...President Mo..."

Upon hearing Han Ruoxue's calls, Mo Ting turned around to see Han Yufan's team approaching him. His gaze was focused on Tangning as they conversed through their eyes. Tangning understood the look in Mo Ting's eyes, he wanted her to find a chance to move to his house so she could stay by his side.

Tangning smiled understandingly: she would try her best.

Lin Wei and Long Jie knew why Mo Ting had turned around. They also knew Han Ruoxue would be stopped at least 2 meters away from Mo Ting...

Of course, after turning around and seeing Tangning, Mo Ting pretended not to notice Han Ruoxue and directly boarded the Lincoln Limousine that was waiting for him...

All Han Ruoxue could do was watch from a distance as Mo Ting left.

Ridiculous! Long Jie sneered inside. Did you think 'anyone' could approach Tangning's Big Boss?

Although Han Ruoxue did not get the chance to go up close to her idol, she was still extremely excited, "I never expected I would run into Mo Ting here, he is so handsome!"

This time, it was Lin Wei who reacted on the inside. There's another thing you would have never expected: the person you were bullying just now, is Mo Ting's wife.

Tangning maintained her composure as she gently put on her sunglasses like nothing had just happened. At the same time, Han Ruoxue returned to the imposing manner of a top manager as she spoke to the three of them, "Tangning, since you just arrived in the US, go get some rest and adjust to the time difference. The driver will take you to the hotel. Yufan, Yurou and I have a family dinner to attend. You three, take care of yourselves."

Family dinner...

In other words, Han Ruoxue had already accepted Mo Yurou as her sister-in-law.

To someone like Tangning, who was in a foreign land, without much resources and no connections to the media, it was easy for her to be at a disadvantage. Han Ruoxue obviously wanted Tangning to be at a loss.

However, there was one thing she had forgotten. 3 years ago, Tangning had appeared in a few big American commercials. Although she hadn't reached the pinnacle of her career, she wasn't completely alone.

"I haven't been to the US for a long time, I will go visit some old friends. In fact, I might stay with them while I'm here, you can cancel the hotel room," Tangning responded calmly.

"That's fine, but, when we contact you to come on set, you better be on time," Han Ruoxue nodded in approval.

During the entire time, Mo Yurou remained silent, soaking in the joy of how Han Ruoxue was treating Tangning. It was so obvious that Han Ruoxue was picking on her...

But, no matter how much Han Ruoxue disliked her, for the sake of her younger brother, she held back a little.

Since she is now in the US, does Tangning still think she can make a comeback?

Mo Yurou completely believed this was the break she'd been looking for.

Meanwhile, Han Ruoxue did have the intention to help Mo Yurou...but did she really think it would be that easy?

After dealing with Tangning, Han Ruoxue left the airport with Han Yufan and Mo Yurou. After they left, Tangning phoned Mo Ting, "Ting...have you gone far?"

"What do you think?" Mo Ting had already instructed his driver to wait in a hidden location; he knew Tangning would find a way to get away from the others. He was right.

Tangning smiled to herself and waited quietly. In less than a minute, a Lincoln Limousine pulled up in front of her. The driver opened the door for her politely and welcomed her onboard in English.

Tangning boarded the car with Long Jie and Lin Wei. This was Long Jie and Lin Wei's first time being so close to Mo Ting.

However, neither of them had the courage to look at him directly...

...because only in front of Tangning would Mo Ting reveal his rare gentleness, whereas, in front of everyone else, he was cold like ice.

"Are you bothered by the shoot with Secret?" Mo Ting asked as he handed her a glass of red wine and gently brushed his hand through her long dark hair.

"Those three are in the same boat, they will definitely create trouble for me. It wouldn't be unexpected for me to be replaced or even realize I've come in vain. I'm currently preparing myself mentally."

"Han Ruoxue is bullying our Tangning because she is unfamiliar here and has no fans!" Long Jie complained angrily.

"Who told you I am unfamiliar here?" Tangning asked Long Jie with a deeper meaning.

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